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Staff New Freedom! forums help you grow - Godstrike is coming - Ashes of Creation NDA lifts in March 2021

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Our Papa @George just made a new video!


Forums Welcome to the new forums! - Part 1 by MrDJSilva

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Welcome to the new forums!

Hello Everyone! - Firstly, As you know our old forums were fairly outdated lacking some modern and security features. I'd like to welcome you to our new community forums that @LW001, @George and myself have been working on since mid-November of 2020, We have also kept some features such as the videos, streams and downloads (formally known as C.R.I.B) and added some new features like our light/dark modes which you can toggle between modes on the bottom left of the website!

We also have two other features that'd i am personally pretty excited to show you such as our events and servers listing, "Events" you can keep an eye on the latest community events that either administrators, moderators, staff members and the community team can hold along with an RSVP system to known who shall be attending the event. Next up we...

Educational $3.4 million USD paid to you 3 days early!

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2021 is here, and we paid you $3.4 million 3 days early to celebrate!

The year of hindsight is over. Why? Isn't hindsight 2020? :)

What are your new year's resolutions, Freedom! Family? I hope you are bright-eyed and bushy-tailed for the shiny new 2021!

Staff Interview with George Vanous the CEO and Founder of Freedom! and MGN!

Forums Let's talk about the Forums

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Hello Freedom! Family, I'm LW and the new Freedom! Forums Administrator!

Let's talk a bit about the Future of the Forums. Please read through the whole thread, I will show you what I will be working on to help you grow your channels!

★ How I see the Forums
I have for a long time seen the Forums as a great place to help aspiring creators learn about and grow on YouTube, whether that be through deep discussions about new YouTube Features, getting direct Feedback on their channels and even promoting their content.
I believe that Forums like these are vital for creators who want to start out and learn what to do as well as find others sharing the same passion for creating content.

I myself came here when I had my small YouTube channel and found help and inspirations and great people to talk to. It helped me find motivation for growing my channel and helping others which is definitely what I want to preserve.

★ The Future of the Forums...

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