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    Official Freedom! Parting Ways With TubeBuddy

    Sad. I'll miss Tubebuddy! Maybe down the line I'll start paying for it myself.
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    What's your favorite genre of game?

    RPG, Open Sandbox, action, adventure, horror, FPS and some music games
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    What is your biggest feels movie? (May be Spoilers)

    The Lion King. It's my favorite movie of all time! I have always held it close to my heart. And the scene where Mufasa dies gets me to this very day! And I'm 21 years old!
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    Fun and Games Count to 40 before a mod posts

    It's simple. Members try to count from one to forty before a moderator posts. When a mod posts, next person to post has to start back at 1. And only one post per member in a row. So one member can't make two posts after one another. Like posting 1 and then another reply posting 2. Another member...
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    Everyones Currently most played game?

    Minecraft. Minecraft's everywhere!
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    Fun and Games Let's Count to 100,000!