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    I have been getting somewhat better with my editing

    so lately my video editing has gotten slightly better but still can use some improvements which is good my work of editing is pretty simple all I do is script, then after filming my video ill look at my script and edit, however I do need to script more with gameplays though.
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    Gaming I kept loosing at the game called run.

    Well I played a recent game called run which is hard and tough if I was a ninja I would fail. here is the link if you wanna check it out.
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    Unboxings & Reviews Pokemon trading card pulls

    So I just did my fourth episode of pokemon card pulls and I recently discovered what vmax cards are to not only that I did somewhat of an art appreciation I guess about pokemon cards. If y'all wanna see the video.
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    Gaming Run

    Hey y'all I just finished doing this playthrough called Run which is an indie game that gives you sword and you do parkour, it is pretty much being a ninja but tougher if y'all wanna check it out here is the video.
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    firm hand #Shorts

    this is my first time making and using youtube short for my youtube channel. I am playing a game called a firm handshake it is by far the most weirdest game I could find on the internet if you like come on by and subscribe I make fun content.
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    Other Milestone I finally finished my channel banner

    So I finally finished my channel banner that I have been working on
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    Games How do you get over the fear of horror games

    Yea there are some that I want to play @Cornish Games Night
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    Games How do you get over the fear of horror games

    How do you play horror games I get super scared easily.
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    do y'all play DND

    I have played the board game but its been so long and want to play it online though.
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    The Fiery Passion of YOUTH!!! Pokemon Sword Let's Play Episode 9 #StayHome #Gamewithme

    Hey sorry for the pre recorded games I am currently working on getting all of the games uploaded as soon as possible. I also working on my editing so if y'all want to give me feedback on it that would be much appreciated I am also being somewhat active in the community as well too. Pokemon...
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    do y'all play DND

    Hey y'all I wanted to ask the community if y'all play dnd
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    I suck at playing chess.| Let's Play Checkmate

    Subscribe share the video it helps the channel. This game is by far the interesting reminds me of call of duty or jiu jitsu but with shooting . I had no idea what I was doing plus trying to protect the king is hard. Twitter: where I chat with otaku fans, Pokemon gamers...
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    PC or Console Gaming

    @Aj64bit I agree I mean I found some old pixilated games as and some cool horror simulator games too.
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    The Interview| I hate the job

    Finally got to play the the interview game on the #itchio I thought this was gonna be a long game play but i was wrong and I had to scream in the end. Thank y'all for watching. Outro Credit song: Track: ROY KNOX - Lost In Sound Music Provided By: Magic Records Listen To The Original...