I am an Friendly guy by heart and is kind enough to donate to any charity.

or help those who deserve it.

I am a content creator, Livestreamer on youtube known as DTM Panda

My Minecraft In-game names are: The_Elite_Panda & DTM_Panda

My Xbox Gamertag is: Panda4718 but I do NOT accept random strangers.
(Please message me before hand and state your reason on why we should be friends)

I am a server manager for my friend minecraft server that is soon bout to go live anytime now.

my friend is another content creator but known as DTM Roleplays or DTM ShadowSlayer, he has 5k subs and is still growing making minecraft Roleplays and other content.

I am the Owner of Pixel-Monsters which is an region based roleplay pixelmon server that is not ready to be released to the public.

I own three channels:

DTM Panda (Live Content) 143 subs
DTM Panda (Edited Content) 4 subs
DTMCraft (Server content) 9 subs (I think)

Last year I managed to raise £350 for the british heart foundation, hopefully this year I can beat that and raise even more for the charity.

Help me grow on youtube and I will help give back to the community on every goal achieved.


DTM Panda#4159


Friday - Sunday | Live @6pm
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Your friendly neighborhood panda!