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    YouTube How do I grow on Youtube/ Twitch?

    it helps alot, thanks so far I have got a temp desk and acquired myself a professional microphone (studio quality), no more with connecting the blue snowball microphone anymore lol. I have also brought myself a 2nd webcam so I can change my webcam style from webcam 1 - my desktop to webcam 2...
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    YouTube How do I grow on Youtube/ Twitch?

    ah yeah maybe you're right, I will cut down 1 server which i'm not using anymore but the other two is not going anywhere as I have 20GB minecraft server with like 68 - 80 plugins, can't remember how many lol. some of which are my own design. these two servers is crucial for me to finish as I...
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    YouTube How do I grow on Youtube/ Twitch?

    ah ok well at the moment I am streaming cod zombies and once I get unbanned from hypixel it will be more hypixel videos but done the right way. I can't run many games tbh since they require a good computer like you said when we first met on will to live, which I have uninstalled for the time...
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    YouTube How do I grow on Youtube/ Twitch?

    Hi I run two channels one is for twitch and the other is my youtube channel. I am well aware how to edit and upload a video and thanks for @Cornish Games Night, I have more knowledge on livestreaming with the right settings in OBS but my main concern is I am not growing as fast and as much as...
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    Music Hello Guys

    Welcome to Freedom! Forums, Hope you enjoy your stay here and learn alot on video editing and gaming.
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    Read before posting Entertainment Rules (READ ME)

    does that mean links like from the DMCA or the wikipedia as official source material or does it mean we can link certain links like to the actual streaming of the website like Youtube, Netflix, CrunchyRoll, Funimation. (soz using anime as my references as I know some websites that doesn't...
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    Gaming Hey guys.

    sup I just reviewed your channel and you have alot of potential to grow, alot of room to grow but with a little more experience in presenting your videos on a professional grade will take time. unless you're not out for growing on youtube and more into the fun of a hobby type of thing lol then...
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    Gaming About me

    Welcome to the freedom forums, hope you enjoy your stay here.
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    Community what kind of vlogs you love to watch ?

    I find travelling to remote locations or urban areas like exploring an abandoned building or area or decaying area to film some beautiful shots or record lost forgotten history, I rarely watch a vlog where food is in it unless I am eating food then that an entire different story lol anyways if...
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    YouTube Youtube Help

    This text below is copy and pasted from this URL which you can search up your question and find the answer you're looking for on your favourite search engine. Somtimes, you may need to block your videos from being viewable in specific territories. For example, if you own the rights to a video...
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    Comedy my introduction

    Welcome to the freedom Forums, Hope you enjoy your stay here.
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    Other Milestone I did it

    You do know you can get into collage for free after you leave school right well it's like that when I was in school, ofc you get the student loan which pays it for you which you can pay back in due time when you graduate from college or university lol but I don't know what comes after from...
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    Anime and Cartoons Thoughts on making your own anime?

    I have and went and bought myself a drawing monitor and I also got the anime studio 9 full license software to create it but I lack patience and designing my own anime will take alot of work and planning not to mention alot of funding since certain effects are not cheap and you're only limited...
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    How do y'all come up with ideas?

    I often come up with new ideas from games I have done in the past and want to record and upload them or think about what to do when I get home from work as thinking at work is always a good time as I come up with like 50 new ideas within 9 hours but trying to remember all of them til the time I...