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    Newsletter We Are Good Actors, We Are The #FreedomFamily

    Thank you, Brother! It is a pleasure. (y) (Y):)
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    Newsletter We Are Good Actors, We Are The #FreedomFamily

    Welcome everyone to another amazing edition of the monthly Freedom Newsletter! A great community deserves a great summary of the past month’s events and happenings which help us all improve and grow! ENCOURAGING FEEDBACK FROM YOUTUBE First we’ll start with some encouraging words from the...
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    Request I hate games like sea of thieves

    You are welcome. I am glad to help. (y) (Y)
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    Request I Need Honest Reviews!

    You're very welcome. Keep up the great work! :)
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    Review4Review Gaming/Tech channel

    You are very welcome. (y) (Y)
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    Request How is my first tutorial?

    Perhaps give the "In this video" part at the very beginning of the video, like you did in this video from 0:13 seconds to 0.47 seconds. If you really want to place an intro in your video, place it afterwards. As it stands right now, the first 11 seconds of this video are simply an intro. Most...
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    Request I hate games like sea of thieves

    As a recommended best practice, it is a good idea to at least collect your thoughts on what you wish to express in your video and then create at the very least, a guide or outline with bullet points for reference to help you keep on topic. I find that this helps me with certain videos in...
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    Request I Need Honest Reviews!

    Congratulations on reaching 1,000 subscribers! Most of your videos have over 100 views and that is great. I recommend that you continue being persistent with what you are doing as it appears to be working for your audience and that is the most important thing. Your thumbnails look good -...
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    Review4Review Gaming/Tech channel

    I love tech videos and watch mostly tech videos on YouTube. I noticed that you have already received feedback about the music being too loud. The music overpowers your voice. I would like to recommend that you lower the music's volume so that it is background music and your audience can...
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    Request Review my memes

    Every video on your channel are simply short (less than 15 seconds) excerpts from copyrighted and/or syndicated material. Perhaps I do not get the point of your videos. Please read and reference this YouTube Help Article on the subject of copyright and copyrighted material as it relates to...
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    Newsletter Here's How the #FreedomFamily Didn't Give Up!

    Great job on this wonderful newsletter, @Ashley SilverDust #FreedomFamily #NeverGiveUp (y) (Y)
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    Forums Who is this month's #MotM?

    This is Awesome! @Deathlake Congratulations on a job well done! (y) (Y):)
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    Upload Milestone 200 DVD Unboxing Videos!!

    You are very welcome! :)
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    Solved adding new channel denied..

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