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    PC or Console Gaming

    I'm actually thinking of getting both pc and console. I never had a gaming pc so I wouldn't know which is best, if I had to say it would be pc because of the stuff you can put on there that you can't put on a console like cellphone apps for example, you can do whatever ed r you want on a pc, but...
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    Best horror games that you ever played?

    Outlast, condemned and F.E.A.R.Horror games are awesome, I can't wait to try them in vr
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    Why do you love gaming?

    I always have and always will be a gamer until the end, it's an escape from this harsh reality, it helps keep me mellow and to me, it's more than just a hobby, it's one if the things that make me happy.
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    YouTube Did youtube do some sort of purge?

    I guess if they violated terms and got their channels removed, it seems that could be the only way you could lose some subs
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    YouTube what kind of content do y'all enjoy creating?

    I mostly make gaming livestreams and play with some of my viewers sometimes I also make reaction videos on a second channel, But I haven't been on there in a while because videos kept getting claimed even though it's fair use and so from now on I'll stick to gaming