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    Community Your favourite songs?

    I was just singing Hey There Delilah by Plain White T's when I ran pass this post lol
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    Music Looking for so feedback on some music

    Hey what's up everybody how are yall new year coming along. I was wondering if yall can give me and my friend so feed back on some beat and songs he's been working on for a while now.. even though these two about about to show are done any kind of feedback would help and be amazing.
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    What do y'all do with your time other than make content for your own channels.

    I just sit and continue play the game i've already played for that video or just listen to music which can help me for my other channel... so when i'm not working on a video i still think about what my next video can be... expect for when I just watch my favorite youtubers
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    how old are you?

    21 today but gonna be 22 in about 5 more hours or so (aka tomorrow )
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    How active are you on the forum?

    I don't check them out or post on here enough and i'm gonna try that doing that a lot more now this year
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    Gaming Back with another Horizon video

    Hey guys just dropped another video for my gaming channel and wanted to share it with y'all. So I hope y'all enjoy it and recommend me some more games to play or that you find interesting. feedback of any kind is also welcomed
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    Favorite Pokemon?

    So here's a question.. does that mean your favorite pokemon is also your "travel buddy" aka the pokemon you keep outside it's pokeball?? (for an example like ask and pikacha) @Carl D @EcCeNTriC Cuddless???
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    Favorite Pokemon?

    Blaziken is my favorite pokemon.. well any fire type pokemon is really
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    YouTube Views Milestone my video has 2k views

    cool what streamer? @Carl D
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    YouTube Views Milestone my video has 2k views

    nice I have one video like that too let's keep it up and grow farther beyond
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    Gaming New video out now

    Hey guys I have a new video on my channel I wish for y'all to check out and give me feedback on. And what game I should try playing next whether it was PC, PlayStation, or even mobile and any equipment you use for your channel any info/feedback would help out
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    Subscriber Milestone 250 subs!!!

    dude big ups to you that's a nice milestone and hopefully more in the near future too
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    Gaming Some of my Horizon zero dawn gameplay

    Hey what's up guys and girls of the world out there I was wonder if you could give this video a look at and give me and tips or feedback on what I should do different next time or if I'm good and maybe follow the journey of me beating the game while you're at it.