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  1. Cornish Games Night

    Entertainment my bio

    Well welcome man if you need any help on obs I'm about man. I would love to travel out of the uk when covid is gone. I miss the outside world hahaha
  2. Cornish Games Night

    The Medium- Game Review - MGN TV

    This game was so good. we are very proud to upload this review! The medium is a psychological horror game that allows you to use the supernatural powers to see the other reality and uncover dark mysteries and deeply disturbing secrets! If you are looking for an amazing storytelling game then...
  3. Cornish Games Night

    PC A really cool mmo survival fps game you guys maybe interested to check?

    So I just jumped back on a game called will to live online if you guys have not heard of this game here's the trailer it's a Dayz Meets stalker MMO and the map size is massive. So some of the features they have in the game. Lots of quests for you and your friends, If you don't like PVP and...
  4. Cornish Games Night

    The Blackout Club - Game Review - MGN TV

    So for now on every video that gets uploaded will be posted here so let's start with Blackout Club
  5. Cornish Games Night

    PC Y'all got some good pc games?

    Volcanoids is a kick-ass games
  6. Cornish Games Night

    My New Recording/Streaming studio

    Hey cheers I wasent sure if it was ok to promote there on under pc section lol Thank you very much for the kind words had been waiting till the atriplights arrived the 2nd time before I make a full video of the entire room
  7. Cornish Games Night

    My New Recording/Streaming studio

    I've been waiting for a few days to upload this because of all the stuff to come in. Some of my twitch followers and people from freedom seen the soundproofing video but you guys have not seen this. From an old office that was piling up recycled paper or cardboard to a clean and fresh studio. A...
  8. Cornish Games Night

    Gaming Im Cornish from the MGN.TV Channel

    Hey everyone Allow me to introduce myself. My name Is Jamie But you can call me corn or Cornish. The reason is that I live in Cornwall, UK and we people there are cornish hence the name cornish. I'm one of the directors for the MGN channel and run a twitch and Youtube channel called cornish...
  9. Cornish Games Night

    PC I Would like to make a Discord Group

    ive started the cgn discord other youtuberes and game dev are on it you are welcome.
  10. Cornish Games Night

    Podcast Looking to make a podcast/group

    i have to watch this
  11. Cornish Games Night

    Educational Collaborate With Livestream Talk Show! 140K + Subs!

    im up for a watch if this is not over
  12. Cornish Games Night

    VR Looking for someone to help with YouTube Podcast!

    hey what kind of podcast this could be fun :) #
  13. Cornish Games Night

    Gaming Hey everyone I'm cornish games night

    So hello to everyone I'm Jamie from the youtube Cornish games night but you can call me Jimbob for a name given me back when I was a sk8ter. I run a YouTube gaming channel now and I am very active. 4 years ago I was not much active because I also had other ambitions. I DJ all around the UK so...
  14. Cornish Games Night

    Gaming I play minecraft

    hey dude welcome to the freedom family.