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  1. RockieGO

    Subscriber Milestone 1000 subs .. again

    4 years ago (this month) i restarted this channel. But do to health and other things, i left for awhile. i was a Freedom member back in the day, but left and with people Unsub and youtube purge. But i am back, and should hot 10k sub next year :) lol
  2. RockieGO

    Gaming Rockie Game Over

    hey guys and ladys, i been a way , for personal health reasons. but i'm slowing coming back to youtube . hoping to get back into Freedom Family. i do Gaming and been trying my hand at unboxing(suck at it). if you could check my channel and let me know what you think.. thanks everyone...
  3. RockieGO

    Fitness just had Knee surgery . :'(

    just had Knee surgery . they cleaned it up remove a tumor and 3 Cyis and fixed a tear in the Meniscus tear and some cartilage. sitting here, thinking of putting the Video on YouTube (like a Vlog type). Been talking about it on videos and think it could get views .. Well out for about a week or...
  4. RockieGO

    PCI Riaser ....

    i'm back... i just picked up a PCI riser USB3 cable setup. and its reading it, but not giving me a Algorithm .. anyone know why or how to fix this? Thanks . :) <3 -*-*-*-
  5. RockieGO

    Equihash at ZERO ?! help!!

    Can one help me? just update to a 4gb Vcard. and now i am getting nothing from this anymore. my old 2gb was doing 14-20iss.. ? and it says thanks for any help. i have it update driver and MOB set to PEG . -------------------------------------------------------------------------- old 2gb gpu...
  6. RockieGO

    Whats the lowest setup?

    right now i am using my PC for part time mining. 2gb gpu R7 250, nothing fancy. I was going thro some old boxes and found my old gaming Laptop. use to play CSGO and aohter FPS on it, was wonder. what is the min on mining this Crypto PC? for someone starting out, and doesn't have much to spend...
  7. RockieGO

    Tech Thanks Bitminers ........ @#$%

    well, i am in need of a video card. at lease 4gb, would like 8gb. But thanks to all these Bit Coin Miners out there, a cheap 4gb cost like 250$ or more. The stores and company's think just cause the Miners are making money that need to get their share of it. no matter who lands in the rumble of...
  8. RockieGO

    YouTube Views Milestone 10,000 . but that goal is gone :'(

    Hit 10,000 views last week. happy but sad cause that's not a goal anymore. but yeah me !!
  9. RockieGO

    Entertainment Three years of Youtube!!

    hey forum, just hit Three Years with Youtube. Thought i do a 50/50 Reddit, my first time doing one and boy the editing needed to do it. lol P.S and a Copyright warning, for a short BBC clip. lol hope you enjoy ;)
  10. RockieGO

    YouTube If you watch only one video , Watch this...

    he explains what Youtube is looking for and what they are trying to stop. like Stupid outrages Video, causing harm or showing it. making it more Kid/Family friendly website. and View booster website and stopping them
  11. RockieGO

    Life Wheres all the Military personnel?

    Hello , I was just checking to see, how many Military personnel we have in here. Sever or Family, We are all Family. and do you promote it on your channel or twitter or any wheres? thanks About me ; i'll Breaking it down Barney-style. Air Force Brat / Joined Army National Guard in 2004. as...
  12. RockieGO

    GFX Free Rainbow Six Outro

    Rockie74 submitted a new resource: Free Rainbow Six Outro - Free Rainbow Six Outro Read more about this resource...
  13. RockieGO

    GFX first time: Free Rainbow Six Outro

    Hello, This is my first time making this for someone else. i hope its OK and you enjoy using it.. i am no pro, just know how to do these. i could maybe add your own game video next time. thanks hope you like
  14. RockieGO

    Solved your Discord ban me for....

    your Discord ban me for quoting YouTube. that is stupid, we cant talk about YouTube on Discord anymore? 'The Quote' will, 2017 does not count for the views. lol so No one gets partnership.. ``` Get reviewed after reaching 4,000 watch hours in the previous 12 months and 1,000 subscribers...
  15. RockieGO

    Gaming Rockie Game Over

    Hello, Been a member for a long time. Quit for family reason, and came back last year. Was removed from all MONTz and could not come back to Freedom Family. But i have been helping on the forums. About my channel; I do game lets play and some times i get games given to be to review. This...
  16. RockieGO

    YouTube Views being removed ...

    I had a video that was a HIT and now it only has 63 views and over 100 likes. I looked around and must of the other videos was dropped to 63 views. I spoke to Youtube people and they said that's normal and they can do this when views are at a less second point, they do not count that as a View...
  17. RockieGO

    Gaming CONAN EXILES ; Minecraft for adults

    this game is great, open world. it is Minecraft for adults :) .You start out naked(options to have cloth), but you have to forge and live off the land. . This is just some of the stuff I do on my channel, mostly FPS and MMO.
  18. RockieGO

    GFX Youtube banner needed

    all tistime n now delete.
  19. RockieGO

    Subscriber Milestone 200 Subs !!

    just hit 200+ subs. only 999,800 to go lol..
  20. RockieGO

    Gaming Hello, i am back.

    Been awhile, but back and on a roll. I play a lot of Free games. i am a broke Youtuber. and love playing Indei games and getting them out there, for people to see them. I do have some steam game and ubsoft games i play too. hope you like them, thanks for reading and watching. The best Indie...