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  1. Ernest

    Official In regards to "reviews here" and "post your videos here" threads

    Hi community! I just wanted to tell you that there is no need to create a "review thread or Feedback 4 Feedback" due to this forum is to promote your videos and channels, not to provide/review each other. Providing feedback is different when on a thread, but feedback 4 feedback usually results...
  2. Ernest

    Official Regarding the games forum

    Hey community, On request, we added the games forum where you can play some "good old forum games" :cool: However, all posts in this forum will not count for your posts total. This section is not for discussing gaming, to do that please post in the Gaming Discussion section. Also no video...
  3. Ernest

    K.A. Antonio - Beep

    "Beep" by K.A. Antonio (Curve) is an enthusiast and a happy single! It's even my favourite song :) See: Any YouTube or Twitch channel partnered with a Freedom! Network has permission to use this music for commercial purposes for videos or live streams with no fear of copyright strikes or...