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  1. bluebudgie productions

    YouTube Any Favorite Videos that you Made?

    Pokemon fans for life
  2. bluebudgie productions

    YouTube Just below 100,000

    sure is amazing to get 100,000 subs im not there yet
  3. bluebudgie productions

    YouTube Any Favorite Videos that you Made?

    my favrite vids to make are my Pokémon tcg vids, Pokémon go, vlogs and Jurassic world the game
  4. bluebudgie productions

    Community 1k Channel Shout Out Series

    Name to be presented on shoutout: bluebudgie productions Channel Link/Name: bluebudgie productions How many subscribers: 116 Type of Content you do: reviews,vlogs Why they should subscribe: I wanna make people happy and maybe more people can tell me what they want to see. I have resently been...
  5. bluebudgie productions

    Entertainment i`m sorry but i have to promote my channels!

    hi I'm Cali, I`m a youtuber that's in a bit of hot water at the moment as I lost my YouTube money, and its been quite difficult to achieve my goals on my channels, so now I want to promote them, so please help me reach my goal of 40k views on all my channels videos, bluebudgie productions...
  6. bluebudgie productions

    Entertainment welcome to 99dinosaurking and bluebudgie productions!

    hello, everyone I started YouTube in 2012 and lately I haven't seen much growth, so I have been very disappointed inmy channels growth rate so this is why I'm posting on here! currant sub count 116...
  7. bluebudgie productions

    Anyone miss the old freedom network?

    I do miss the old freedom but at least I have something to work towords
  8. bluebudgie productions


    hey I have had the same problem what I did wait till you go on holiday or go some were interesting like the cinema then record your journey to those places it will help trust me
  9. bluebudgie productions

    YouTube Tik tok video

    where is it