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  1. Aditya Bajaj

    Solved Do we receive the payment from any.TV?

    well, now my freedom dashboard says the payment has been returned to freedom because it was unclaimed. But it was earlier showing that it will be only returned if I don't claim it before 30th of March. Great-_-
  2. Aditya Bajaj

    Solved Do we receive the payment from any.TV?

    I just received an email saying that I got my freedom!'s payment via any.TV Is this legit? Or just a spam? I don"t know much about it as it is my first payment that I received via freedom! Also, there is a claim money option in this email. When I clicked on this option, it re-directed my to the...
  3. Aditya Bajaj

    Service Banner/intro !

    Maybe I can help you. If you are still in need of one contact me at: [email protected] I will mail you the banners and intros that I have created
  4. Aditya Bajaj

    Service Request Tumb and Channel art

    If you are still looking for one do contact me at [email protected]
  5. Aditya Bajaj

    Service Professional GFX and YouTube Intros! Cheap Prices!

    I need to see a sample of your intros. If they are great, I will be ordering one.
  6. Aditya Bajaj

    Network Create a mobile app

    Most of us for sure surf through the mobiles. Why not create a mobile app?
  7. Aditya Bajaj

    PC 1000+ Subscribers only!

    I have 1k subs and would like to do a collab. But I do a tech channel. I don't do gaming. But still, I won't mind a collaboration as we are not that big YouTubers and we just need an exposure. I you are interested we can work out on a video that can benefit both of us at the same time. I don't...
  8. Aditya Bajaj

    VR Looking for Serious collaboration. Let me know if you are above 1k subs

    I have a tech channel. But I won't mind your content unless you have about 1k subs, are regular amd upload good videos. Just looking for a good collaboration that can give an exposure to both of your channel. I have 1035 subs atm btw. My channel: Thanks and Regards.
  9. Aditya Bajaj

    New Channel Icon and Channel Art! Feedback please

    Ahhh I completely changed my channel art again. Forgot to post it. Here it is!
  10. Aditya Bajaj

    Service High Quality Channel Revamp! Now available!

    Made this for myself. In need for something like this? Contact me: [email protected]
  11. Aditya Bajaj

    VR I do a tech channel and have 1k+ subs

    Have about 1024 subs right now and I do a tech channel. Looking for a collab. But your content wont really matter to me (atleast). As in, I will be fine doing a collab even with a gaming channel. Just need some quality stuff and alteast 1k subs. Please let me know if interested along with your...
  12. Aditya Bajaj

    Gaming If you have over 1000 subscribers, get in here!

    I have 1024 subs but I do tech on my channel. Would be still interested in a collab.
  13. Aditya Bajaj

    Gaming 30k channel looking to collab

    Having 1024 subs atm. But I do a tech channel. But I still do really look forward for a collab.
  14. Aditya Bajaj

    New Channel Icon and Channel Art! Feedback please

    My new channel icon and channel art! Feedback appreciated. Let me know if you want one!
  15. Aditya Bajaj

    Tech New video is up! When will the jailbreak be released? Find out now

    iOS 9.3 and 9.2.1 have been jailbroken. But when will they be released for the open jailbreak community? Find out now through my video! Please do chip in your feedbacks and suggestions. Do please give this video a rating, it will be much appreciated! Thanks!
  16. Aditya Bajaj

    Fun and Games The one who posts the last here wins!

    Keep fighting. I wont share my cookie with you guys. Hahahha
  17. Aditya Bajaj

    Tech New Video is up!!! Jailbreak Update!!!

    My new video is up!!! In this one I try to clear up your confusions relation to the ios 9.2 and ios 9.2.1 jailbreak. Do watch it and let me know your feedback!
  18. Aditya Bajaj

    Fun and Games Finish the lyric !! Lol

    But in the end it doesn't even matter