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  1. SparktheYoshi

    Absence: Moving, Creator Support and Dev Projects

    It sure has been a while? No fancy thumbnail cause I'm on a fresh OS and am still setting up all my stuff again D: Here's what's up. I'm moving, am re-investigating financial options towards supporting the channel and getting back to doing development on my gamekit and Minecraft modding. Video...
  2. SparktheYoshi

    Media: FURRET!!! | Pokemon Silver ep. 1

    Furret is best long...Pokemon thing.
  3. SparktheYoshi

    GFX Request (Paid) I am looking for someone that can make minecraft thumbnails for my channel

    I might be interested, did you want to see an example portfolio of the best thumbnails in the style I do?
  4. SparktheYoshi

    News Graphic Design

    Oh, graphic design, that's cool! Hope you enjoy your stay and good luck with YouTube!
  5. SparktheYoshi

    Gaming Introduction of I

    Welcome to our Freedom family, hope you enjoy your stay!
  6. SparktheYoshi

    Gaming Tried going live on my youtube channel need help

    So I can recommend better advice, can I get the specs for your PC, including RAM (DDR4? DDR3? How much?), CPU and GPU? What HDDs/SSDs do you have?
  7. SparktheYoshi

    The Science of No Man's Sky: Oxygen

    A first test/experimental video for a series I've been wanting to test out for months now! A series investigating the real life applications behind the periodic elements (at least the real ones) found in No Man's Sky and how accurate they are towards hard sci-fi viability. Today, we are covering...
  8. SparktheYoshi

    YouTube I get good views anyone have an idea how to change that into subs

    Not much you can really do besides keep frequent uploads (or for the algorithm, long videos...since it seems to like that) and try to produce good content that pretty much returns the worth of a view (i.e, make it worth watching, right?)
  9. SparktheYoshi

    YouTube Still worthwhile to do content like that?

    I decided to try out taking my channel in a different direction and take a break from pure gameplay/let's play content and decided to try out more substantial and meaningful content. Things like retrospectives, video essays, non-game reviews, video game science (example "The Science of No Man's...
  10. SparktheYoshi

    Have you watched E3?

    I did. I mostly thought this E3 was a bit disappointing save for Nintendo's at the end. I have no investment in Microsoft, aside from owning a WIndows PC. I also don't own an Xbox. Stuff like Halo, the buttload of indie games they showed and Cyberpunk is cool. At least for the people that like...
  11. SparktheYoshi

    The Disturbing Secrets of TBOI

    I decided to take a look at the disturbing secrets and mysteries of The Binding of Isaac. This video has been in the works for a long time and is finally complete. Music is the Downpour from the Antibirth fan-dlc, which is being added to Rebirth as the final official DLC. |Subscribe...
  12. SparktheYoshi

    A way forward for humanity. Is this man telling a lot of truth about our world?

    Nah, he's probably just a crazy guy. I wouldn't really take the word of a stranger on the street over anyone, much less over someone with a phd over economics or something similar.
  13. SparktheYoshi


    I'm surprised I haven't played it yet, despite an interest in it. Though, anyway, I'll probably pick up Skyrim on the Switch eventually and see what the fuss was about for years. See if it sticks with me and if it doesn't, that's alright, there's always more games to play.
  14. SparktheYoshi

    Gaming My channel

    Two things first right away: let's not beg for subscribes here and you may want to work on your spelling if you want to get anywhere in YouTube.
  15. SparktheYoshi

    News Hello everyone

    A political channel? Did Koala even bother to check the channel? I don't want to be suspicious or anything but can we please get some information or clarity? Is the person who has the account actually James Ledbetter? What are the channel's political leanings? I don't want to jump to...
  16. SparktheYoshi

    Unboxings & Reviews Avermedia HD Game Capture 2 REVIEW

    You posted this twice? Anyway, how does this compare to Elgato? I'm quite curious, as I have a HD60 Pro in my rig that I use for my PS4 and Switch.
  17. SparktheYoshi

    Media: Album Review: Malibu Ken