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    Gaming (Funny) Shadows of the Scarab - Assassin's Creed Origins Gameplay

    I wanted to come back with one final side quest from the Hidden Ones DLC Assassin's Creed Origins. You will get to see a familiar face return in the Shadows of the Scarab! As well as, hear me in my most rawest form (PAUSE) and a lil rant about my thoughts on the new change with Youtube.
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    What is your favorite Franchise of all time?

    I believe it's... Uncharted Tomb Raider Assassin's Creed
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    Official YouTube Monetization (1000 subs 4k hours) breakaway promotion

    Hey everyone! This is Infamous here. I pretty much been doing gaming videos for awhile. I feel like sometimes they go unnoticed to a lot of people. I am only at 122 subscribers and 46 hours in the past year, but if you enjoy show by support and subscribing to want to see more. Thank you and...
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    Gaming Little Nightmares DLC Secrets of the Maw Full Gameplay

    New gameplay is up on the new DLC from little nightmares! If you enjoy funny commentary, creepy games with puzzles then this is for you! Please show your support by liking, commenting,subscribing and sharing the video to people. Thank you again for your support!
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    What Game Got You Into Gaming?

    I played many games before but I guess the one that made me say I am going to continue buying was Dead Or Alive beach volleyball because I use to play volleyball a lot lol
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    YouTube Script or Wing It?

    I wing it unless it's for review I write my thoughts just to make sure I say everything that I can say in the review
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    YouTube How Do YOu Force Yourself to Keep Talking

    It sometimes depends on what type of feel the game is. I usually kind of just relax and just let the words come out most of the time. I may talk about what i like during the gameplay or talk about random things that somewhat relate to the game. Although it can be a bit difficult for some gamers...
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    Gaming MY CHILDHOOD! Crash Banditcoot Insane Gameplay

    Crash Bandicoot is up on the channel now! This gameplay was a mess. So i hope you all enjoy this. If you do, definitely hit the like and share button. Thanks for the support!.
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    YouTube Views Milestone Reached 2K+ viewers on a video

    Well I did not think it would reach many viewers that it did. It just let me know my channel it can go somewhere very far. Thanks to anyone who has watched it, liked, commented, shared, and even kept supporting my channel!
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    Gaming The Walking Dead Michonne Series Episode 1 Part 1

    Hey everyone! New video on channel! I never played this series before and been wanting to for awhile. You will get to see my reaction towards this game for the first time. The other 2 parts of this episode will be uploaded on my channel in a few hours so don't worry! So I hope you do enjoy, if...
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    Gaming Kate or Gabe!? The Walking Dead Season 3 Finale Gameplay

    Hey everyone! I am coming to with my choices of the walking dead season 3 episode 5. You will get to see the outcome between who I choose and what reaction comes to it. If you enjoy definitely like, comment, and share this video! Thanks to anyone for the support.
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    Gaming Everybody and these Butt Injections!? Injustice 2 Funny Gameplay

    New gameplay of Injustice 2 is up on my channel! Been awhile since I played a fighting style game so i will be a bit rusty but I'll try to get better at it! Thank you anyone who watched. If you did enjoy, definitely like,comment, and share this video!
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    Gaming MOVIE SCANDAL La Noire Gameplay w/Funny Commentary

    Thank you for anyone who checks out La Noire gameplay series that I am doing on my channel. I will be playing this game to the end. Enjoy my funny commentary and reaction that comes along with it. Definitely like, comment,subscribe and share video if you enjoyed
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    Gaming Throwback Gameplay LA Noire Part 1

    Hope you enjoy this game as much I do! Thumb up if you like my silly commentary and Share!
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    Gaming SHE'S A DEMON!? Little Nightmare Ending + Review Gameplay

    Here is the ending gameplay to Little Nightmare.I hope you enjoy the video with my funny commentary and reactions. Especially grab your snacks! As well as, I give my review and explanation to the story at the end. If you agree or you have your theories comment down below to get a discussion started!
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    Outlast 2

    I feel like the game was too dark, I understand that they wanted to create a very creepy vibe and they were not in an asylum anymore, but they made it difficult to know where you suppose to go, You have to fail at least a few times before you know what you have to do. I think the storyline...
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    Gaming Batman The TellTale Series Episode 5 Gameplay Part 1

    Finally season finale is here for Batman! Hope you all enjoy the choices I made and will be doing an alternate choice video for this episode when I have the chance! Thanks for anyone supporting my channel!
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    Gaming Batman TellTale Series Episode 4 Gameplay

    Hey everyone check out my gameplay of episode 4 of Batman telltale series! Part 2 and the ending is available to watch as well! Hope you enjoy! Like,comment subscribe and share video! Tell me what you thought about the episode and check out previous videos!