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  1. MrDJSilva

    Games Any Star Wars gaming fans?

    Like some good old star wars games if so let me know i love it all :D
  2. MrDJSilva

    Community Welcome to the Freedom! and MGN Community Survey!

    Welcome to the Freedom! and MGN Community Survey! Feedback is important to improve our community! To help the Community Team and to build the best community possible we will require some feedback from the Community from the various services that we provide from our community forums, game...
  3. MrDJSilva

    Network Partners who sent an email confirming about the email that they received

    Hello, Thank you for checking with us about this. We're aware of the emails and are talking to YouTube about it. As far as we know, this seems to be a mistake. Please be assured that we will update you once we have more information! - Hola, Gracias por consultar con nosotros sobre esto...
  4. MrDJSilva

    Read before posting Entertainment Rules (READ ME)

    Welcome to our Entertainment Section! The Entertainment forums are for discussion of the Entertainment Industry from Anime, Cartoons, Books, eBooks, AudioBooks, Comics, Movies, TV Shows and Music. You are only allowed to link from official sources. Linking to an unofficial source or encouraging...
  5. MrDJSilva

    Games Thoughts about Blizzcon Online 2021?

    So Blizzcon 2021 happened over on YouTube, Twitch and its Official Website lets talk about it! Keep the discussion about the topics below! World of Warcraft Diablo Hearthstone Overwatch Strategy
  6. MrDJSilva

    Forums Welcome to the new forums! - Part 1 by MrDJSilva

    Welcome to the new forums! Hello Everyone! - Firstly, As you know our old forums were fairly outdated lacking some modern and security features. I'd like to welcome you to our new community forums that @LW001, @George and myself have been working on since mid-November of 2020, We have also kept...
  7. MrDJSilva

    Think Smart Content Creators and Protect Yourself and ya Careers!

    I am creating this to help other content creators to protect their careers to if they don't know what to do next due to either the FTC / YouTube situation or living in fear of losing everything due to relying on everyone on a platform that you at the end of the day have no say or right too. But...