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  1. CptRussia

    Comedy Tape that kills

  2. CptRussia

    Request Channel trailer review

    Its good, just try to make it shorter atleast
  3. CptRussia

    Comedy When Men are Angry

  4. CptRussia

    Request Rate this meme

    this is gonna be really overused for the next couple of days XDDDDD
  5. CptRussia

    Request Another meme?

    just want some opinions about my latest memes haha
  6. CptRussia

    Request Review my memes

    this is a new one i made xddd
  7. CptRussia

    Request Review on How I edited this Video!

    Quality is great and the video is smooth, you really took your time with this video Its great
  8. CptRussia

    Review4Review tell me how u like my channel..

    Well i dont have too many suggestons besides adding thumbnails if you can and maybe trying to upload more atleast if you can Other then that its good
  9. CptRussia

    Request Review My Channel Im Close to 1k subs

    Thumbnails-Good Commentary-Good Quality- Good really this is some good stuff youre making tbh
  10. CptRussia

    Comedy Dont Touch the Birb

    something i made idk xddd
  11. CptRussia

    Request First time facecam gameplay

    So far pretty good video, quality is good. And the facecam works really well. Id suggest doing this more often
  12. CptRussia

    Comedy the only lead we have is this sound

    New meme. Enjoy xddd
  13. CptRussia

    Request Channel review

    Well first of all, i think you shouldnt use an outro. That stuff is outdated. Second try to get a better banner. So you can look more professional. And third maybe work on the thumbnails a bit. Besides that its good
  14. CptRussia

    Request Tips on Improving This Video

    Dont see anything wrong with this video, Quality and Sound are good. Only theres not enough uganda knuckles xdddd
  15. CptRussia

    Request Good meme?

    i dont know why this foot letuce thing is a meme, but what do you guys think of this? xddd
  16. CptRussia

    Comedy >When you Die

    some shitpost idk xdddddddd
  17. CptRussia

    Request Do you know the way

    The Knuckles meme dead now xddd
  18. CptRussia

    Request Review my Channel

    i am working on more bad memes xddddddd
  19. CptRussia

    Request Review my Channel aka review my memes and shitposts xdddddd
  20. CptRussia

    Request CSGO Montage,

    Rekt xdd