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  1. Seb

    Gaming Building A Team, Gaming Collaboration

    Hey, I am looking to grow a team on on my channel, right now i have one slot open, and i need it filling, so if you would like to join, and you have a gaming channel above 50 subscribers, then welcome to contact me on discord, my full interest is to grow you as a channel as well as myself, the...
  2. Seb


    hey, whats up!
  3. Seb

    XBox xbox one collaboration

    i'll join, if you send me your add
  4. Seb

    GFX Request Croma Key

    Hey There Got a really nice camera, and have taken a few photos, but don't have an editing software to edit your self out of the greenscreen/background, and doing by pixel by pixel, is getting a tad annoying, well my friend, you've come to the right place, message me and send me a link to the...
  5. Seb

    Gaming Collaboration team

    Hey Everyone What's up, looking to start a youtuber group, of around 4 people and to help each other and work on podcast, record, i am mostly on discord, if you would like to join join at Discord ...have any questions, message me here, but i may be inactive, so i would join discord
  6. Seb

    Service Free Editor

    you can message me at my discord at SPontin#0585
  7. Seb

    GFX Request Channel banner

    I'm Happy to help you design a new banner, if you require, tho you will either have to message me or discord if so if you choose to then message at SPontin#0585
  8. Seb

    Service Free Editor

    can you show what you have made??..
  9. Seb

    Service Request Website Design

    yea sure if you need help, you will need to contact me on discord or skype
  10. Seb

    Service Request channel art & new intro

    i can help if you need , DM me in the top left, or skype/discord me, and i'll sort you out, i'll need a little info about what your looking for and info about your channel hey, i can help if you need just hit me up, and dm me, may need you to send me your logo, and either email or skype/discord...
  11. Seb

    Service Portfolio, staring a PF - and going to give 3 free intro for anyone who need anything (GFX as well)

    hey guy's Staring a PF - and going to give 3 free intro for anyone who need anything (GFX as well/ banners logos stuff) if interested fill this out- Name- Age- What your intrested in- (banner intros outros thumbnails trailers scripts logos ect...) Channel Name and link- Style guide-...
  12. Seb

    VFX Request Can someone make me an Intro/Outro

    Yes i can, do you have skype/discord, and what do you want, and how will i send it?
  13. Seb

    PC Looking for designer to collab with!

    show me your channel and designs????
  14. Seb

    PC Games

    yea sure, add me on skype, if your recording, include my channel in your description
  15. Seb

    VFX Request [Free] Fire text intro

    hey, i can help you with your intro, if you can add my skype contact i'll see what i can doskype: ♆ The Real Hard drive ♆
  16. Seb

    Service Request Video Editor (Audio Desync)

    ♆ The Real Hard drive ♆
  17. Seb

    Service Request Video Editor (Audio Desync)

    if you have skype, i can help you, contact: ♆ The Real Hard drive ♆i won't ask for payment, because audio syncing is very easy to explain
  18. Seb

    GFX Request Art Work Needed

    i don't use tablet but yea sure i can help, talk to me on skype and we can chat about it♆ The Real Hard drive ♆
  19. Seb

    PC (minecraft) we need staff if we want a server

    Hello Everyone! Welcome to Arkane World Resort. We are designing a server (Custom ThemePark Server) We want to make a server that will have rides from around the world. create them in Feed The Beast If you would like to join Please Follow These Simple Steps 1.Go to