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  1. Carl D

    I have been getting somewhat better with my editing

    so lately my video editing has gotten slightly better but still can use some improvements which is good my work of editing is pretty simple all I do is script, then after filming my video ill look at my script and edit, however I do need to script more with gameplays though.
  2. Carl D

    Gaming I kept loosing at the game called run.

    Well I played a recent game called run which is hard and tough if I was a ninja I would fail. here is the link if you wanna check it out.
  3. Carl D

    Unboxings & Reviews Pokemon trading card pulls

    So I just did my fourth episode of pokemon card pulls and I recently discovered what vmax cards are to not only that I did somewhat of an art appreciation I guess about pokemon cards. If y'all wanna see the video.
  4. Carl D

    Gaming Run

    Hey y'all I just finished doing this playthrough called Run which is an indie game that gives you sword and you do parkour, it is pretty much being a ninja but tougher if y'all wanna check it out here is the video.
  5. Carl D

    Other Milestone I finally finished my channel banner

    So I finally finished my channel banner that I have been working on
  6. Carl D

    Games How do you get over the fear of horror games

    How do you play horror games I get super scared easily.
  7. Carl D

    do y'all play DND

    Hey y'all I wanted to ask the community if y'all play dnd
  8. Carl D

    PC Y'all got some good pc games?

    As of late I have been looking into buying more pc games from steam and itch.
  9. Carl D

    Gaming isabelle is back in the hidden mist village |Animal crossing new Horizon

    Well I just made a quick 3 min update for animal crossing I'll be working on my hidden village and also isabelle is back so I' am kinda nervous cause of the meme she is in for super smash bros. here is the link if y'all are interested in watching.
  10. Carl D

    Gaming final battle in pokemon crown tundra.

    So this last video is extremely short like 3 mins long I had to capture Articuno the galarian one so I am officially done with the crown tundra special I am hoping to make some more gaming content as well also I have no idea if the dmca thing will affect youtube as well. So yea.
  11. Carl D

    YouTube Issue with copyright claim

    So I had my outro get copyright claimed I gave full credit and for some odd reason it was claimed and this is the first time that this has happen and I have been using the same song for a while is this normal?
  12. Carl D

    Gaming Finally did a battle with the Zapdos

    So I finally did a battle with the galarian Zapdos and Kantonian Zapdos. it was somewhat intense. so i made a mess up on my videos.
  13. Carl D

    Unboxings & Reviews I did my first opening of pokemon cards.

    So in my video I wanted to try something new for my channel so I wanted to do the opening of pokemon cards cause it looked really cool. I also have some gameplays and vlogs on my channel. as well too. If y'all like what you see you can leave a comment a like or subscribe or share if you enjoy or...
  14. Carl D

    How do y'all come up with ideas?

    I wanted to ask the community on how y'all come up with ideas for your content? For me I like to type out my ideas on a notepad and just try new things.
  15. Carl D

    Gaming Catching a most of the regis and cobalion | Pokemon Crown Tundra special 3

    So in my video I caught most of the regis and cobalion I tried adding some new editing style to my video I' am hoping to get better with my videos if y'all want to give me some feedback I would appreciate it.
  16. Carl D

    Tips & Tricks finding indie games?

    So do y'all find indie games on steam, itch or google search?
  17. Carl D

    Subscriber Milestone At 40 Subscribers

    So I found out my channel is at 40 subscribers I try to not think about numbers but more about being involved with the community, I know that seems very double standard cause I do want to show my work. but at the same time I don't want to just self promote all the time. But either way I am...
  18. Carl D

    Gaming Finally got to play pokemon sword

    So I finally got the chance to play pokemon sword crown tundra, and the events is interesting and cool I do like the graphics if y'all like the video you can share the video if y'all like
  19. Carl D

    Subscriber Milestone I am actually close to my sub count

    So I found out my channel is some what close to my goal and I gotta say I am proud of myself. But I'll be making more improvements to my channel.
  20. Carl D

    Gaming Finally beat the horror game on Halloween.

    So I finally finished the game called IB and I discovered there where so many alternate endings I had to re film it due to audio issue but I hope you y'all enjoyed the video. Also Happy Halloween, also if y'all have any suggestions of what I can improve on just let me know.