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  1. Creative Myth

    Sports Canelo Shreds Fielding's Body

    Canelo returned to the boxing ring for his second fight in 2018. He moves up in weight to take on a bigger challenge but proves no challenge is too big for him.
  2. Creative Myth

    What is the first game that got you into gaming ?

    Halo Reach is what did it for me. When I played the campaign I loved it, but then I got Xbox Live for the first time and played the multiplayer and I got hooked instantly. Been playing loving video games ever since.
  3. Creative Myth

    Sports Lomachenko Tyrannize Pedraza!

    I discuss the recent Lomachenko fight that happened against Pedraza. Click the link to check it out and provide your opinion and feedback.
  4. Creative Myth

    Will There Be Another Gaming Console By A Different Company?

    With gaming being huge now, it's a slight surprise that other companies like Apple or Google haven't tried to make their own gaming console. But I think sooner or later another tech giant will make a console that will obviously not be as good as PlayStation or Xbox, but it will be a dope new...
  5. Creative Myth

    Sports Boxing and Sports Fans

    If you have a love for boxing or basketball you'll love my channel where I discuss events that happen. I give a different perspective while adding my own curated ideologies.
  6. Creative Myth

    Gaming Tomb Raider Playthrough Part 1

    I have begun a playthrough of Rise of the Tomb Raider in honor of the Tomb Raider movie.
  7. Creative Myth

    YouTube Tags In Your Videos

    I usually have a problem with tags on my videos. I don't be knowing what tags to put and I don't want to put tags that don't relate or have nothing to do with my video. Can anyone provide some advice?
  8. Creative Myth

    YouTube Youtube Editor Is Gone

    Today the YouTube editor is gone and while some people don't even know it's there, others used it. I used it for the easy accessibility of it. While you couldn't add special effects or add outside media files, it was sufficient enough for people who don't need a lot of editing for their videos...
  9. Creative Myth

    Off-Topic Will Twitch Overtake YouTube?

    Hell no. you could only game on twitch and you can't upload to twitch, you livestream.
  10. Creative Myth

    How Is Everyone Feeling About The New Destiny 2 Raid?

    The destiny 2 raid is amazing to me but I've heard mixed reviews about it. I want to know what everyone feels about it.
  11. Creative Myth

    Hardest Levels/Bosses You've Ever Seen

    The Fume Knight gave everyone people problems, but the Nameless King in Dark Souls 3 was even worse.One of the Hardest levels to play takes time to get up to it. Ninja Gaiden 2 on Master Ninja (I think it's the highest difficulty). But you need to beat the previous 3 difficulties to get up to...
  12. Creative Myth

    YouTube Any good ideas for GTA videos

    Mods, a lot of people just use mods now and get content that way.
  13. Creative Myth

    Question Regarding Website

    you could have both on one site, it's no problem. plus you already started making the platform with the first website
  14. Creative Myth

    Your choice playstation or Xbox?

    xbox 360 made my love games, so xbox is my preferred console
  15. Creative Myth

    YouTube youtube is "shutting down" my channel, here is how

    sometimes the youtube system is terrible. and it sucks that you can't even contact youtube anymore for help and support
  16. Creative Myth

    YouTube What's The Best Way To Grow A Channel

    if you are apart of a community or group that will support you, that'll help you grow. if you get your name out there on multiple platforms, more people will check out your channel.
  17. Creative Myth

    YouTube Increase in Subs and Views

    just try to make everything as interesting as possible but still be true about what your content is about
  18. Creative Myth

    Who is your favorite youtuber?

    RoosterTeeth and Achievement Hunter.
  19. Creative Myth

    YouTube Can i make videos on multiple topics?

    You can make type of content you want. If you want to make a video on different topics then do it.
  20. Creative Myth

    Movies and TV Shows TV Show Episodes Leaked

    This past couple days someone has leaked the last 3 episodes of Power. Starz said they will do everything to shut them down and probably send them to jail. Someone leaked an episode of Power before and got arrested, so good luck to whoever think they can get away with it.