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  1. Geist

    In progress Is there something going on with Epidemic Sound Publishing?

    Well, I'll give you guys updates. Seems counter claims can take up to month to process. Either way, I'd rather not have the strike on my channel.
  2. Geist

    In progress Is there something going on with Epidemic Sound Publishing?

    Are we no longer allowed to use their services any more? Got a copyright claim on them just today, am I missing something or is there some type of misunderstanding? Thanks for your time. -WVA
  3. Geist

    Anyone still alive around here?

    Honestly, I can't really think of anything. It's just seems like a lot of shouting into the void most of the time to be honest.
  4. Geist

    Anyone still alive around here?

    Seems very quiet, almost to the tune that you can hear a cricket chirp.
  5. Geist

    What do y'all do with your time other than make content for your own channels.

    Mostly auditioning for other projects.
  6. Geist

    This pandemic is annoying

    Seems like it's that small annoying dog we're all going to need to get used to.
  7. Geist

    Gaming Introducing myself...

    Well, welcome to the forum. Do let us know if you need any help or have any questions.
  8. Geist

    Service Male Voice Actor looking to help others in the Freedom Community

    Hello fellow Freedom-goers? Freedomites? I'm looking for Voice Over work in any project that you may have. Pretty much have been working in voice over for over a decade so far, be it audio dramas/radio plays/machinima/ indie games/ flash projects and other media. Now, if you would like to...
  9. Geist

    Media: Ask a Floran [Starbound comic dub]

  10. Geist

    Ask a Floran [Starbound comic dub]

    +VOICES OF THE DAY+ Apex-Asker1 : Dragonrider393 - Deku: Star - Asker2-Ribbit: Myself +Comic Artist+ The artwork for this video today is by: +Music+ Music is by: Outpost theme -...
  11. Geist

    What is the first game that got you into gaming ?

    I'd say... Secret of Mana for the Snes... Wow, that was a long time ago.
  12. Geist

    YouTube Is everyone keeping up with the Pewdiepie vs Tseries?

    Eh, it's just more drama that I'm not watching. I'm neither interested in that music channel or P's content. ...Back under my rock.
  13. Geist

    YouTube How much good mic and web cam has effect to views/subs

    It can vary, matters if you're one of those who are high energy and tends the audio software. Still, it's all a learning process. On the topic of webcams... Eh. [NO COMMENT]
  14. Geist

    YouTube How long does it take you to edit?

    Matters on the material and if the software decides to crash or not. Possibly a hour or more on average.
  15. Geist

    Media: Katamari Memeacy

    Hm, looks like a fun game. Shame I was terrible at the old PS2 games.
  16. Geist

    Music No Copyright Music

    Welcome to the forum and community. There is a section on the forum to offer to the forum at large, I'm sure there be those more than happy to use the material.
  17. Geist

    Community What's Crackin???

    Welcome the forum and community. If you have any questions, feel free to ask away. It's always been a fairly friendly group.
  18. Geist

    Tips & Tricks Reddit for veiws

    As long as you follow their rules, but sometimes they change over time. Watch out for that.
  19. Geist

    Later that day [Final Fantasy XIV Comic dub]

    This is a follow up to - +VOICES OF THE DAY+ Auberon (Miqo’te):Myself Imogen (Au Ra):confused:creamingPandaVA - ScreamingPandaVA Gale (Lalafell): Star - +Comic Artist+ The artwork...