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    Service Video editor for hire

    why don't you have sony vegas pro 17 or something? i've heard of sony vegas pro 13 but thats a cracked version which is illegal to have .... if you bought a version of sony vegas it will be very cheap to upgrade it to the latest version instead of using cracked illegal versions
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    Service Request Need a Video Editor(will pay)

    Hello I'm willing to help you ... I can edit 6-7 videos per month for you for FREE, i love editing videos and would love to help you .... I'm in the middle of creating my channel but if you PM me i can send you a view samples of videos i've editing previously.
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    Service Request logo/banner

    Hello I would like to request a logo and banner please for youtube .. The name is : MostAmazingEverything Topics of the channel are, top 5's top 10's horror , creepy, creepy pasta stories amongst others i've spoken to someone already and hes charging me 200 USD but i don't want to be...
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    Subscriber Milestone 800 SUBS!

    congratulations on 800 subscribers :)
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    Recorded this in 2017. Recently just found the footage so decided to edit and upload it as we had a good time and some funny moments happened. Enjoy this 10 minute long video. Longest I’ve ever uploaded
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    YouTube YouTube making monetization criteria even more strict

    I'm going to be affected big time over this :/ ... I have 160 subscribers , over 5,000 minutes of watch time I can't seem to gain anymore than 160 subscribers no matter what I do, i tried changing up my videos to make better more interesting videos... it got the watch time from 1,000 to 5,000...
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    Review4Review My Channel

    SEO is Search Engine Optimization. Basically the better / more tags you put into your videos the more it will show up in different searches when people search for stuff... If that makes any sense.
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    Community Bounties for your promotion threads!

    Thank you for the recognition :)
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    Gaming Live Streaming GTA 5 doing some random missions Livestreaming GTA 5 doing random missions will be on livestream for 1 or 2 hours more
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    Merry Christmas!

    Thank You, Merry Christmas to you too
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    Forum Milestone 100 forum posts

    I'm trying to help the best I can to make it an enjoyable community for all members :)
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    Forum Milestone 100 forum posts

    finally reached 100 forum posts :D
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    YouTube What would be the freakiest part of having 1 million subs?

    all the money coming in would be freaky.... i'd be rich ha
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    Network New alternative for epoxy?

    I use VidIQ but the free version which is helpful enough ... but theres been so many threads made on this one topic that its getting ridiculous and annoying.
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    Fun and Games Who Can Post Last?

    i'm taking the lead now
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    Community Holiday Videos?

    I mainly just do Christmas related videos, like maybe top 5 creepy santas of all time and stuff similar to that.
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    Forums Are you the last #MotM for 2017?

    Congratulations @Louisse Subido well deserved :)
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    Gaming 24HR Live Stream For Charity On Now - HEARTHSTONE BABY

    Good Luck for the 24 hour stream hopefully you can stay awake that long :)