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  1. TheSamuraiHex

    Gaming Looking To Start A YouTube Group | UK

    Hi, my name's Matt, I'm looking to start a YouTube group where everyone in it can make friends and grow each other's channels. I have been doing YouTube on and off since I was 17 and met many people that I'm still in contact and whom I call good friends. However they mostly all stopped YouTube...
  2. TheSamuraiHex

    PC Looking For People To Collab With

    Hi, I'm Matt, I'm getting back into YouTube after a 3+ year break. And I've decided to start fresh so new channel and all that. So I'm relatively small. I play games like Garry's Mod, Among Us, Fall Guys & Rocket League, but any other game that interests me I am willing to try and play. I'm...
  3. TheSamuraiHex

    PC chilled out YouTube/Twitch group looking for more members

    Hi I've sent you a friend request over on Discord. 8)
  4. TheSamuraiHex

    PC CSGO | Rocket League | Gmod | Funny Moments

    Hey I am interested. I'm in a group called Arcane Hunt and we're looking for some extra members to give us a more wide variety of content and collabs. You interested in joining? Most of us are from the UK, like 90%, so, timezone might be an issue though we can try to work around it depending if...
  5. TheSamuraiHex

    Gaming A Review On The F2P Game ColorCubes

    Hey all long time no see. So I recently created a new channel as I was out of action for 3 months with recording and then eventually pc problems. As such most my subs became the dreaded dead subscribers so I decided to delete that channel and start anew. Now with a new channel and a fresh wave...
  6. TheSamuraiHex

    Gaming FreeZone Fridays! (Review Series) {Week 1}

    Hey all Hex here. Back on my original YouTube channel I had a series where I reviewed a free game every Friday. With the new year I've decided to remake it into an even better series! The aim of the series is for me to look at free to play games found on the internet and review them. This...
  7. TheSamuraiHex

    Need Mods For A Modded Skyrim Stream!

    Ah ok thanks for clearing that up. I'll edit that now
  8. TheSamuraiHex

    Need Mods For A Modded Skyrim Stream!

    Hey all, Hex here. I've recently got into the whole streaming stuff over on Twitch. After some failed streams I've realised I can't play MultiPlayer games while streaming as I lag too much. So I've gone into Single Player Let's Plays for my Stream. My current stream schedule is on a Saturday...
  9. TheSamuraiHex

    PC Rocket League need group

    Hey! Me and some of my friends have and play Rocket League regularly. You are welcome to join us in our games. My Skype is thesamuraihex so contact me over on that if you are still willing. 8D
  10. TheSamuraiHex

    Live Currently Streaming A Modded Skyrim!

    Hey I'm new to this whole Stream thing. And after some failed stream past week I've decided to try solo game stream. The reason being my internet messes up so a single player stream should hopefully go well. Anyway hope you join in and say hi! I'm taking suggestions of mods to use so feel free...
  11. TheSamuraiHex

    VR Rocket League 2v2 Tournament w/prizes (Gaming for Adoption)

    Hey. Wonderful idea! After I've found someone willing we will sign up for it! 8D
  12. TheSamuraiHex

    PC PC GTA V Collab

    I wouldn't mind joining! 8P (For most who wouldn't realise I know them and this is a joke) Sent you a message on Skype, btw. Also nice channel.
  13. TheSamuraiHex

    PC Looking to form a group

    Name: Matthew (Or Samurai or even Hex) age (must be over 16): 19 Steam name: SamuraiHex Hours you can record: Can't pinpoint any amount. But I'm online whenever I'm awake and tend to spend a lot of time awake. Can never sleep. 8/ Additional Info: I have a group over on Skype full of...
  14. TheSamuraiHex

    Gaming Dynasty Warriors 8 XL - Wu Story

    So first things first welcome and hope you enjoy the video you are about to see! Second off an apology of sorts as my quality of commentary isn't the best. I haven't recorded solo properly in about 8-9 months so yeah.. Hopefully you can stick through it and enjoy it! Also feel free to...
  15. TheSamuraiHex

    Service Offering Simple Banners/Avatars For Any Social Site!

    Hey I have went and made your logo! As well as the logo I made a watermark version as well that can be used through YouTube in the Branding part of your Channel Manager! Hope you enjoy and if you'd like for anything to be changed just ask! Thanks! Ok, I'll go and send you a request on Skype...
  16. TheSamuraiHex

    Service Offering Simple Banners/Avatars For Any Social Site!

    ~ SamuraiHex ~ Free Banners & Avatars! For YouTube or any other service you use! Hello! My name's Matthew or as internet terms go SamuraiHex. Recently I've gotten really into creating and messing about in my photo editing software. I'm happy with what I've done albeit I've only done it for my...
  17. TheSamuraiHex

    Free editing software | HitFilm 3 Express

    My friend introduced me to HitFilm3 and I enjoy using it. However we both have the problem that we don't have any clue on putting in text... Can someone tell me? Thanks. 8D
  18. TheSamuraiHex

    Fun and Games Name your Top 5 Want to visit countries!

    1) Japan 2) China 3) South Korea 4) Sweden 5) Belgium
  19. TheSamuraiHex

    Fun and Games Type your username with your Eyes closed!

    TheSanuraiHex …Darn! So close!