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  1. Billy AngelWing

    Subscriber Milestone Just hit 550 subs

    Hey guys, recently hit 550 subs, on my way to the 1000 mark. Wish me luck.
  2. Billy AngelWing

    Gaming Amnesia Collectoin

    Just started playing Amnesia and it looks incredible.
  3. Billy AngelWing

    Live Black manta

    Injustice2 live now
  4. Billy AngelWing

    Gaming Need feedback

    This is my newest video. I've tried to add some funny moments into the video, but wanted some feedback on the how I edited it and if it is at all funny.
  5. Billy AngelWing

    Gaming Injustice 2 fighter pack 2 revealed

    Injustice 2 have finally revealed the new dlc characters that will be joining the game.
  6. Billy AngelWing

    Gaming A new Jurassic World game for consoles

    This is my review on the upcoming Jurassic World Evolution game trailer.
  7. Billy AngelWing

    Educational Anyone know of any good apps for checking SEO

    I've been putting more work and effort into my title, description, and tags, but my vids don't seem to get high in the youtube list. Does anyone know of any good apps to work out SEO?
  8. Billy AngelWing

    Unboxings & Reviews New Era of Yugioh

    I treated myself to the newest yugioh starter deck, which is a deck based on the new type of card, the Link Monsters.
  9. Billy AngelWing

    Gaming Injustice 2 new dlc

    In this video, I talk about the latest news about the new fighter pack 2.
  10. Billy AngelWing

    Live Join my stream

    Playing some injustice 2
  11. Billy AngelWing

    Subscriber Milestone Recently hit 100 subs

    Hey everyone, a few days ago I reached my 100 sub mark. I know it's not a lot but I'm quite pleased with it. Next target - 200. Wish me luck
  12. Billy AngelWing

    Gaming Could use some feedback.

    I was hoping that people could give me some feedback on this video. I'm trying to improve my videos by shortening my playthrough and taking out boring bits. How else could I improve with these sorts of videos.
  13. Billy AngelWing

    Live Injustice 2

    Come join my live stream.
  14. Billy AngelWing

    PlayStation Looking to do collabs

    My online games are; injustice 2, dying light, COD BO3, and Mortal Kombat X(I think that's all of them, and was wondering if anyone wanted to do a collaboration video with me.
  15. Billy AngelWing

    Gaming Final Fantasy XV Comrades

    This is my first look at the multilayer expansion for FFXV, Comrades.
  16. Billy AngelWing

    Live Injustice 2 story mode live

    Playing this live now, feel free to jump in.
  17. Billy AngelWing

    Gaming A new card game

    I've started to play 'Gwent: The Witcher Card Game'. I've played the The Witcher 3 and I absolutely loved playing Gwent. So, when I seen this game, I just had to play it. These are a couple of the first online matches that I've had.
  18. Billy AngelWing

    Comedy A funny video

    This is one of my newest videos. I made a funny moments video and put a lot of work into it. Please take the time to watch it and please give me your opinion.
  19. Billy AngelWing

    Live More crash bandicoot

    Come check out my latest stream, everyone is welcome.