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  1. DraycosDragon

    Gaming Twitch streamer looking to collab

    Hello there. I have a few games I've been playing a lot for my Twitch live streams. But I feel some of the games I have are more interesting with others. So I'm looking to collab with some people. You can be a YouTuber or a Twitch streamer. I don't mind either way. I just feel like streaming...
  2. DraycosDragon

    Gaming Reintroducing Myself & The DKC (Dragon Knight Crew)

    Hello there. I haven't introduced myself in over a year... almost 2 years now I think. So for those who don't know me... I am known online as DraycosDragon. I do a variety of live streams (podcasts, Jackbox games, Roblox, writing streams, GameJolt games, etc). And my community is called the DKC...
  3. DraycosDragon

    PC Gaming Group - Accepting Twitchers & YouTubers

    Hello there. I am a solo gaming Twitch live streamer. I normally do solo games (GeoGuessr, random GameJolt games, etc) and "playing with viewers" party/multiplayer games (Roblox, Jackbox, etc). But I have been planning to include tabletop style games as well. However, since I have never played...
  4. DraycosDragon

    Podcast improv-style debation live Twitch podcast needing collab partners

    I'm currently planning to do a Twitch live stream podcast where people debate on various random topics chosen by the live stream chat (or by a digital wheel if there's no one in the stream chat at the time). Topics can be pretty much anything (nothing political though since the internet tends to...
  5. DraycosDragon

    Live CHARITY EVENT (via YouTube & via Tiltify)

    Hello there! For those who don't know, I'm known online as a YouTuber and a Twitch streaming. However, due to issues, my streams are being done on YouTube until further notice. Which brings up why I'm making this post... WHY A CHARITY CAMPAIGN/EVENT? I left a goal (well... more like a challenge...
  6. DraycosDragon

    Other Milestone We Reached 300 Followers On Twitch!!!

    GOOD NEWS: My Twitch channel has FINALLY surpassed the goal i left for all of the viewers of my community... of reaching 300 followers by the end of June 2019!!! And as promised, there's going to be a 1-week-long charity event via Tiltify starting June 29 til July 6. HOWEVER... due to current...
  7. DraycosDragon

    Gaming Looking for more members to grow collaboration group

    There's another game you might be able to try if you can get the Epic Games launcher... the first Jackbox Party Pack. It's 100% free from Jan 14 til Feb 7. As for collaboration... I would like to ask... does your group accept ONLY people that do YouTube videos? Or do you also accept Twitch live...
  8. DraycosDragon

    Gaming I need A game partner.

    What games and what consoles?
  9. DraycosDragon

    PC Dungeon's and dragons Discord series (looking for Dungeon master)

    Interesting. What kind of D&D game were you hoping for? (PathFinder, Dungeons & Dragons, Toons, Fallout Equestria, etc) and will this be done via Roll20 or ONLY on Discord? Cause I have multiple games on Roll20 that i stream on Twitch every weekend (using Discord for voice chat). 1 of them is a...
  10. DraycosDragon

    Opinion My live stream has got revoked back in 27th Sep

    I don't think that is your fault. Seems that lately YouTube has been letting basically ANYONE (especially companies) claim content on YouTube's site for the past 3 to 5 years now roughly. I believe it is one of the reasons most YouTubers have left YouTube and/or switched to Twitch streams. I...
  11. DraycosDragon

    PC Youtube/Streamer Community

    Hey there. Are you still looking? If so, what kind of Twitch/YouTube channels are you looking for? (vloggers, gamers, podcasts, etc)
  12. DraycosDragon

    Gaming Streamers(Twitch)/Youtubers

    Are you still looking for people? And if so, what kind of streamers are you looking for? (gamers, podcasts, etc)
  13. DraycosDragon

    Gaming Looking for people! (PC gaming, podcasts, streams)

    NAME: Draycos Dragon (don't like to share my real name online) TIMEZONE: Eastern (USA/Canada - EST) DISCORD: DraycosDragon#7439 AGE: 30 YOUTUBE: NOTE: I don't use my Youtube channel for gaming anymore. It's mostly used for monthly vlog-like videos now. The new...
  14. DraycosDragon

    Gaming Twitch live streamer looking for partners

    Hey there! I'm a Twitch streamer currently doing tabletop style games on Roll20 every 2nd Sunday and general gaming on every other Sunday. If anyone wants to join me for any of the following games, please DM me if you are available to join me for any of the games (PC games only)... GAMES I PLAY...
  15. DraycosDragon

    Gaming Twitch Streamer

    Thanks Thanks. The next stream is actually this Sunday starting some time between 1 and 3 PM EST and will probably take about 4-8 hours (depending how the others feel of course since it's a tabletop game via Roll20 I'll be streaming). However, if the group isn't ready, then it'll probably do...
  16. DraycosDragon

    YouTube Who are your favorite Youtubers and why?

    My top 10 favorite youtubers/channels are (in no specific order)... JackSepticEye VanossGaming BattleUniverse Smosh Games Dope Or Nope Team Edge GMM (Good Mythical Morning) REKT TheOdd1sOut Fiaura The Tank Girl
  17. DraycosDragon

    Gaming Twitch Streamer

    Cool :) I'm actually streaming tomorrow around 1-3 pm EST (not sure when the stream will end yet since it's a tabletop game I'll be streaming). Though there is a video I'm preparing for during the week to show people on YouTube what kinds of things my old YouTube community might be missing out...
  18. DraycosDragon

    Gaming Twitch Streamer

    To be fair, I think the "one year" thing is a bit much. But at the same time, I can see why there might be some limit. I was only going by what I read in 1 of the pinned posts (which I believe 1 of the mods and/or staff made). But if it's not "set in stone" as you worded it, then that's fair. I...