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  1. Deathlake

    Film/Animation Old member revisiting, many changes!

    Thank you! think It'll take a while to get used to again. Noticed your shiny new / old admin and community manager badge, congratz! how long have you been an admin? (just being nosey XD)
  2. Deathlake

    Film/Animation Old member revisiting, many changes!

    Hi guys, I'm not new but it's been awhile since I've been on this site and had long breaks from youtube. This site looks completely different with many more members to yet to meet compared to last time I was on here! Does anyone know the ranking system or how long the members been on the site...
  3. Deathlake

    Live Stop Asian Hate debate, what's your thoughts?

    Stop Asian Hate debate I don't usually go into politics but thought this cause was important topic to address, no one should be killed or mistreated because of their race. what's your thoughts on the matter, have you witnessed or what's your experience of discrimination? Please do pop in to...
  4. Deathlake

    Film/Animation What product is king in your house? merch

    What item reigns supreme in your house, any change of habits of products during the lockdown. Anyone else using redbubble, artstation or displate, if yes what was your experience with them? Speedpaint Merch clothing, masks, tote bags, cushions and other things...
  5. Deathlake

    Entertainment 3D Modeling

    Cute 3D modeling process of the house
  6. Deathlake

    Film/Animation What was a time you redid something?

    What was a time you guys redid something? do you guys use your real name in your videos? Recut and re-rendered some of the 3D models in this, some of the art I created spanning from 2017- 2019. Don't normally use my real name was planning to put my art alias channel name on the public video...
  7. Deathlake

    Film/Animation created a 3D mushroom character

    Created and rigged a mushroom character and tested the movement in this video. How felsible are you guys, anyone tried contortionism? ,................... 3d record of making: experimented with body types and made 4 variations.
  8. Deathlake

    Other Milestone Made it as semi- Finailst and shown in a film Festival!

    Managed to get an animation I created last year " Snabirtle circus" in the semi Finals and shown in a Film festival! The animation took a year to create and it was about the sensitive topic of child abuse, sex trafficking and expoltion due to greed. 15 sec Trailer: Full animation...
  9. Deathlake

    Upload Milestone 400+ unboxing videos

    Congratz on the 400+ unboxing video!
  10. Deathlake

    Subscriber Milestone 1000 subs .. again

    congrats on the milestone of bouncing back!
  11. Deathlake

    Subscriber Milestone 7,000 subs

    congrats on the 7k!
  12. Deathlake

    Community Whats your preference? currently conducting a survey for a animation university project, it would be much appreciated if any of you lovely people could answer any of the quick 9 questions!
  13. Deathlake

    Media: REACTING TO MY OLD VIDEOS!!! (2016) | Couch Watch

    sweet posters at the back, what images are on the wall paper?
  14. Deathlake

    Life rebel .. is done !

    interesting narrated video
  15. Deathlake

    more then one facebook page?

    Thank you, I end up creating a second page. It actually improved the engagement for my art page having it all separate.
  16. Deathlake

    Film/Animation What size eye hole your prefer! premiering

    was playing around with proportions, what size eye hole you prefer? this was originally for April 1st however it took to long to render and upload. the sound of whispering, water and clapping to a rhythm
  17. Deathlake

    Other Milestone over 150,000 views and 1234 subs!

    Managed to finaily passed the 1234 subs mark with 1280 subs. I had passed the number 1190 3 times Once before my channel got terminated then lost nearly 100 when they reinstated it. Manged to get back to 1190 at some stage but then lost it again after the YouTube purge. currently at 154,759...