1. Mika the Gamer Wolf

    Entertainment My YouTube Story of Mika the Gamer Wolf

    Hello, this is my story for the past two years on YouTube (My first channel) So, this is where it all started: on May, 10 2018 with just Mika as my channel name. Then on Jan, 16 2019 I changed my Name to PewDieMika to find my Channel Faster and Easier On Jul, 10 2019 I hit 1k Subscribers but...
  2. MaaxxFIFA

    Gaming FIFA 20 CONTENT

    Hey guys im new here and just thought i would let everyone know that i am starting up a FIFA 20 youtube channel and also a separate youtube channel. The FIFA 20 channel will consist of only FIFA 20 content and the other channel will consist of Real Life Challenges and also any other games i...
  3. DraycosDragon

    Other Milestone We Reached 300 Followers On Twitch!!!

    GOOD NEWS: My Twitch channel has FINALLY surpassed the goal i left for all of the viewers of my community... of reaching 300 followers by the end of June 2019!!! And as promised, there's going to be a 1-week-long charity event via Tiltify starting June 29 til July 6. HOWEVER... due to current...
  4. 528expert528

    Music All Time With Monster in the Title Tell me what you think about the concept

    I made this collection because I was searching for a song with monster in title bu it took me 3 weeks till I found it. So hope you find it useful. Or it is a silly idea? If you have any other ideas for collections with word in title tell me. Check this one out right here. Leave a comment if...
  5. IvyPlayGamez

    Fun and Games Let's count to 2019 before 2019

    I swear I made this post! But somehow it didnt went trough because I dont see it in my postings well since we were not able to count to 2018 before 2018, let's try 2019 from the start of the year! One number per day guys! I'm sure we will make it ^^ so i will start 1