1. LW001

    Forums Let's talk about the Forums

    Hello Freedom! Family, I'm LW and the new Freedom! Forums Administrator! Let's talk a bit about the Future of the Forums. Please read through the whole thread, I will show you what I will be working on to help you grow your channels! ★ How I see the Forums I have for a long time seen the...
  2. Row

    Official #FreedomNYNG Winners!

    January #FreedomNYNG Winners: Congratulations! We will reach out to you soon. We thank everyone for the 6k+ entries and we hope that you will continue to participate in our monthly contests/giveaways. Since the competition was done on social media, if you joined in and you are also a forum...
  3. iGoDZoFLuiGii

    Other Milestone Collected all the Iconic Moments #1-41 on DVD

    Since 2016, Warner Bros released some Iconic Moments to DVD, picking there best moments from the years and re-releasing them with a new slip cover / limited edition design, first there was only 24 issues released in 2016, then they released another 17 in 2017, only one can image that they might...
  4. TheCodyNetwork

    Comedy R.I.P. MICROSOFT PAINT!?!?!?!

    Could it be true!?!? Is MS Paint truly dead? ..... ..... SPOILERS: It's not dead. But here's a little skit illustrating how I felt on that sad day where Microsoft made their "special" announcement. This is a skit that was supposed to be apart of an episode of Wake Up With Cody but never...
  5. NitrogueYT


    Come join my Discord server!
  6. NitrogueYT


    Come join my Discord server!
  7. xRoachh22

    Life Announcement..

    Hello all :) it feels like it's been a bit since I posted anything. I've been pretty busy with work and in the process of moving into our new apartment with my girlfriend. I'm also here to proudly announce that we are expecting our first baby :D I am beyond happy to take this next step in life...
  8. HealPleaseHeal

    VLOG Heal Please Heal Channel Update

    Giving you guys a little update on the status of HPH and what I plan on doing moving forward. Thank you all for the continuing support.
  9. Ashley SilverDust

    Community Community Team Weekly Wrap Up

    Hello, everybody! Happy November! Another week goes by, and I'm back again to share the Freedom! Community Team's perspective. Today we'll catch up on some things around the forums, peek at some important articles, discuss some general updates, and finally we will take a close look at a recent...
  10. Ashley SilverDust

    Community Community Team Weekly Wrap Up

    Hello, everybody! Hope you had a good week! We've got plenty of things to discuss today! Lots of forum goodies, features that updated, videos to check out, community team news, and of course a recap of the big announcement George made! Let's Wrap Up This Week! October's contest ends soon! You...
  11. Ashley SilverDust

    Community Community Team Weekly Wrap Up

    Happy October! I have a feeling it is going to be a good month. I think it's off to a pretty good start for the Freedom! family. Find out about the Dashboard updates, an announcement about a community team member, FTU updates, progress with the Minecraft server, & more! Let's wrap up this week...
  12. KnightHunter Studios

    Entertainment New GTA V Machinima ANNOUNCEMENT - Official details, pictures, trailers & MORE! HERE!

    Today, us at KnightHunter Studios are pleased to announce information regarding the next installment in the Grand Theft Auto franchise! Hear about all new exclusive details on the crew, the cast, the locations and more! And, for the first time in KnightHunter Studios' history, witness the...
  13. CephasRed


    I'll be donating blood tomorrow morning but right after, If you want to see me on Omegle and chat with me, as well as be on the 500 (or maybe even 600) subscriber milestone video, watch this video! I'll be on Omegle tomorrow: June 28th, at 12:30pm PST/2:30pm CST/3:30pm EST Tags: cephasredvs...
  14. HealPleaseHeal

    Live HPH Live Stream Announcement For This Weekend

    Hey guys, just wanted to pop over a quick video that this weekend I'll be doing a live stream over on my twitch channel for Overwatch! Yes that shooter that never gets old, but gets old... that made no sense. Anyways, make sure to come on by and hang out for a while!