1. Elly Space

    Entertainment Elly Space - 2121 (music video)

  2. Carl D

    Where do y'all get inspired for your channel banner?

    So I'm currently in the works of redesigning my channel banner, and I wanted to ask the community where y'all get inspirations for your own channel banner?
  3. Carl D

    do you create your own banner or have someone else help you?

    So I wanted to ask the community of how you create your own art banner do you create yourself or have a friend or someone that you know make it for you I'm just curious and thought about asking the community.
  4. Deathlake

    Film/Animation What product is king in your house? merch

    What item reigns supreme in your house, any change of habits of products during the lockdown. Anyone else using redbubble, artstation or displate, if yes what was your experience with them? Speedpaint Merch clothing, masks, tote bags, cushions and other things...
  5. N

    Service Cheapest Professional Graphic Designs You'll Find

    Hello everyone, Nova here and i am offering Graphic Designs for very low prices In regards to contacting me: [email protected] I will show you my work, a down payment will be required and completing the payment before receiving the complete product. Now, For the Prices: PRICES: 2D INTRO: 15$...
  6. K

    GFX Hello, this is me - Krizma

    Hello, My name is Krizma and I am a graphic designer, editor and a youtuber. In my youtube channel you can find a lot of videos, SpeedArts, Giveaways, Tutorials and more. Areas Of Expertise: - Logo Design - Banner Design - Header Design - Mascot Design - Thumbnail Design - and more and more I...
  7. Deathlake

    Film/Animation created a 3D mushroom character

    Created and rigged a mushroom character and tested the movement in this video. How felsible are you guys, anyone tried contortionism? ,................... 3d record of making: experimented with body types and made 4 variations.
  8. Deathlake

    Other Milestone Made it as semi- Finailst and shown in a film Festival!

    Managed to get an animation I created last year " Snabirtle circus" in the semi Finals and shown in a Film festival! The animation took a year to create and it was about the sensitive topic of child abuse, sex trafficking and expoltion due to greed. 15 sec Trailer: Full animation...
  9. Deathlake

    Community Whats your preference? currently conducting a survey for a animation university project, it would be much appreciated if any of you lovely people could answer any of the quick 9 questions!
  10. Deathlake

    Film/Animation What size eye hole your prefer! premiering

    was playing around with proportions, what size eye hole you prefer? this was originally for April 1st however it took to long to render and upload. the sound of whispering, water and clapping to a rhythm
  11. Deathlake

    Film/Animation What does this look like to you?

    Backup link: Created this for character for a MA animation project it would be much appreciated if any of you lovely people could answer a few questions! 1.What is your age? 2.What is your gender? 3.Any keywords come to mind when viewing the piece? 4.What does the character or components...
  12. SheepDreams

    Service Free Banner/Thumbnail For Honest Review

    Hello fellow youtubers of all sizes. My name is Sheepy. I will make one youtube banner or logo for and honest review of my channel and no not like good job but like..edgar allen poe. Give me the lows and highs put some time into it. I'm not asking for your subscription just overall and honest...
  13. Deathlake

    Film/Animation which do you prefer?

    which hat do you prefer left or right? What does it look like to you? created this as part of a character design for a project for uni. Suggestions or feedback welcome Backup link:
  14. Deathlake

    Film/Animation Seeing double! mushroom

    (some flashing images) When was the time you saw double or mistaken something as something else! what is your fav type of mushroom? Tried to draw a Young shaggy inkcap mushroom, this is part of a larger drawing. Caught the wrong bus multiple times by misreading the numbers! saw double many...
  15. Deathlake

    Film/Animation NAKED PEOPLE life drawing

    Most recent life drawing art tour 2019. Have any of you guys attended any life drawing if yes what was your experience of it? whats your preference fremale or male models? what body parts you like to draw the most or struggle the most to draw? personally I sturggle the most with the feet and...
  16. Deathlake

    VLOG London pink rice and walk around!

    Did a mini london series. Tried out some pink rice, do you guys prefer to use chopsticks or a for! Have you came across a time you brought the food or item just because it looked good but it end up tasting terrible? tried to force some of the rice down, had to end up throwing it away! the...
  17. tunnelmotions

    GFX freetouse 4k video background

    Hi all together. Like i wrote before i create free video backgrounds (all 4k/uhd | some 8k!| and all 60fps and seamless looping.) You can use them in your videos and projects (without the music!) for free by simple giving credit in video description. Here is my Channel...
  18. tunnelmotions

    free 4k motion backgrounds #freetouse

    Hi everyone. Im a small youtuber (very small ;)) and i create motion/video backgrounds. All my backgrounds are 4k, 60fps and seamless looping. You can use them for free in your projects with simple giving credit in desription. (Music licence not included!) So here are some of my Backgrounds...
  19. monoman

    How To Logo Design Timelapse

    Started a series that shows time lapse of my logo design every week!
  20. Deathlake

    Film/Animation If you can pick any eye colour?

    If you could pick any eye colour what would it be and why? what colour eyes do you have currently? WIP Gothic demonic eye speed drawing speedpaint, going to upload the full character design this was part of soon. If I could pick with no health issues, black sclera and red iris would be my...