1. J

    XBox Xbox One Gamers

    Anyone with a xbox one who would like to record videos such as Overwatch, Paladins, BO3, Fortnite, etc
  2. K Army Gaming

    Entertainment RUTHLESS | Final Bo3 Montage [Cod Black Ops 3 Montage]

    My final Bo3 montage hope yall enjoy its been a fun journey. Subscribe for Upcoming montages and funny comedy videos and gameplay.
  3. DeadSilentTrent

    Gaming 8 Late Days of the Undead

    Hey Everyone! I thought I would share all of my playthroughs of every map in Zombies Chronicles for the next 8 days of course starting with Nacht Der Untorten
  4. gamerongrandst


    What game is this? Check out my latest video:
  5. gamerongrandst

    Gaming SnD Minitage!

    New minitage check it out:
  6. derwinvlog

    Gaming letsplay with derwingamer2 #blackops2 ep: 58

    music by: Disfigure - Blank [NCS Release] Katdrop - One More Time (Non Copyrighted Music) bring it [NCS Release] hanks for watchning add me snapchat derwinaugustus host me on add me
  7. DiabolicalHam

    Gaming Introducing Myself

    Hey everyone a friend introduced me to this website in the hope of growing my channel. My name is Alex but on youtube I am the diabolicalham. I think I have a good personality and I'm really passionate about gaming and its big youtubers like the sidemen who got me into editing and I love it. I...
  8. Wesleyplayz

    Gaming gaming

    hey i like to play games on ps4 do u u can add me at csaking123ok
  9. iLoveB1rds


  10. TeeGee


    Hey, if you don't already know me, I'm Tyler. I make daily gaming livestreams. Today I did the 2 Box Challenge on Black Ops 3 Zombies while I talked all about my new affiliation with PWNAGE Energy. This has all been a really awesome experience for me, so If you want to support me, then consider...
  11. iLoveB1rds


  12. iLoveB1rds

    Gaming Black ops 3 zombies custom map Challenge NO GUNS | One Window challenge

  13. TeeGee

    Gaming More Black Ops 3 Content Coming in 2017!

    Today, out of the blue, Treyarch Studios started a Livestream. Basically what they said was "There is more content coming to Bo3, but we can't tell you yet" Jason Blundell also teased a little something for all the Zombies fans out there. Check out my video to learn more: If you liked the...
  14. TeeGee

    Gaming An Amazing Bo3 Zombies Stream. W/Lilboy

    Today me and my friend got together and attempted the Black ops 3 Zombies Easter Egg on the map "Der Eisendrach" We are both die hard zombies fans, and we had a lot of fun! Check out the VOD to see what happened: If you enjoy my content feel free to Subscribe, and If you like my videos, drop...
  15. TeeGee

    Gaming My FAVORITE Zombies Livestream Yet.

    Today I live streamed a game of Black Ops 3 Zombies on the map Gorod Krovi. I had a lot of fun with it, and I think the video is defiantly worth a watch! Leave a like if you enjoy the video, and Subscribe for daily gaming fun!!
  16. TeeGee

    Gaming Black Ops 3 Zombies Challenge!

    Today I played Call Of Duty Black Ops 3: Zombies on the map Revalations. I did the No Quick Revive challenge, and it was pretty funny!
  17. ThePugShow

    Twitter Header and Future Montages

    What's up guys? I'm Kyle The Pug and I am looking for an editor for two montages and also a gfx designer since my current gfx desginer is AWOL at the moment. The two montages are a purifier montage and the best of Kyle The Pug BO3 Montage. Not really trying spend any money for a editor since...
  18. Marchman_97

    Gaming Do you have a PS4??

    Hey guys! So who has a Playstation 4, and is looking to be friends?? My name is Marchman97 on PSN! My youtube channel is Marchman_97 if you're curious :) to check it out. Here is the link :)
  19. G-Legend

    VR Need someone to collab with for Black Ops 3 or Destiny

    I play BO3 and Destiny and am a commentator on the Youtube space. Also I play Battlefield 1 or Titanfall 2 (when they come out). I make informative videos to help others become better players. I'm trying to find someone who makes similar content and wants to collab on one or a few videos. Maybe...
  20. BlOoDrAgOn

    Subscriber Milestone ALMOST TO 100 SUBS

    New What Up guys my name is BlOoDrAgOn i'm at 90 subs and when i hit 100 i'm thinking i might upload face cam with gameplay what do you guys think?