1. Gaetano Formicola

    Other Milestone A nice goal, satisfied, but I ask for advice.

    Hello friends I reached 180, but with so much effort, I don't know what I'm missing or I'm wrong. I kindly ask some of you to view my channel and tell me what I can do to improve, I would like to reach some surprising goals, if I succeed it is also thanks to the advice you will give me, I...
  2. Gaetano Formicola

    Community Let's see how many of you collaborate, if you treat the Do It Yourself, Diy, Retro Games, Games, Inf

    English Let's see how many of you collaborate, if you treat the Do It Yourself, Diy, Retro Games, Games, Informatics. The aim is to bring all of you together with these common interests, so that you have pleasant inscriptions and videos to watch. I saw that there are many of us in the forum...
  3. Gaetano Formicola

    Community My name is Gaetano Formicola Fai Da Te - I hope to grow together with all of you

    Hi everyone, my name is Gaetano Formicola and I have always been obsessed with disassembling objects and programming computers to understand how they work, and for years I have also tried to do it yourself. I have recently dedicated myself to you too, making available through videos all that I...
  4. L

    How To Let's Learn Something

    Hello guys, Welcome to my DIY, Awesome idea, Homemade, Make your own and How to make channel
  5. Deathlake

    Community Dreadlocks and cow pendandt!

    First time making dreadlocks and enamel pendant! Been a while since I went on to hands on crafts. Please do comment below or on the actual video your thoughts! if any of you wear dreadlocks, thoughts of them or if you think its cultural appropriation! If you ever made any yarn crafts or...
  6. RMFikir

    How To Make videos and DIY's in our new channel.

    When we opened up your Youtube channel, there were 2 of us. And we said, "We want to help people!". Then we started to produce content. We regularly uploaded videos on Wednesdays and Sundays. We got a channel photo and an intro. But after two months we were still in the place where we started...
  7. Violeta León

    VLOG DIY Video (creating cards or boxes for Feb 14th )

    Hi! I would like to make some diy cards for valentines day or boxes for a gift! Tutorial videos. If someone wants to collaborate with me, it would be great! we can make several models of cards at the same video or how we can make the same box with two styles! all ideas are welcome! my email is...
  8. Violeta León

    Otro Colaboración para crear un video de "speed painting"

    Hola! Soy Violeta León y actualmente estoy desarrollando mi playlist de videos para enseñar a dibujar y pintar. Sin embargo me gustaría la colaboración de otro youtuber de esta misma área, artes, manualidades y pinturas, para hacer el video. Me imagino el video, pantalla dividida verticalmente...
  9. sajid hussain

    VR hi my channel is about science and Diy projects

    hey my channel is pretty much new and i have just 13 subscribers on that i would like to collaborate my channel with you and start growing together
  10. sajid hussain

    hey guys i just want to know which diy project is cool to work

    i am an youtuber making most of the videos on science which includes DIY ideas too so can you just recommend me which DIY project you guys like most???so that i could give a try.
  11. sajid hussain

    How To welcome to my channel sajid hussain.

    hello guys i am newbie on youtube and here in this channel i will be posting cool science stuff. why i got this idea many of my friends wanted to know? for that i need to give my introduction first of all. My name is Sajid hussain and i am an engineer without a job. i love science and more than...
  12. I

    How To How to Make Easy DIY paper flowers [Tutorial]

  13. TalkingStuff Network

    Tech talkingStuff Podcast Network

    Hi, I'am Vinayak, and talking Stuff is our podcast network . Our mission is to sift through the heaps of information available and inform you about things that will help you. We are located in Hyderabad India, and I say we, as my channel is run by my friend Vikram Mohan and I. I'am 38 years...
  14. V

    Gaming Hello Freedom

    Hey name is Viccky and I have Two YouTube Channels 1. Crazy Amazing Stuffs (Gaming) 2. How To Refresh It Up (Lifehacks) I started my channels year ago and posted lot of good stuffs and recently I came to know about Freedom..There are lot of MCN but their requirements were very...
  15. Swandezvous

    Music I'm Swandezvous, and I'm impressed!

    Hey all! Boy, I'm really happy to have come across this forum. I'm already enjoying everything about it. It's a great layout, good incentive with the credit system, and just a great attitude I'm seeing across the board from users. I'm an indie musician from the Pacific Northwest, who's been...
  16. B


    Hey! i am a guy that has 51 Subscribers, i wanted to start a collabortation With someone With the same amount +/- or more than me haha.Please contact me if interested
  17. shawanda smith

    How To Hello Freedom Family!

    I've started my Youtube channel to help motivate and inspire people around the world. When you are in need of some motivation, inspiration and peace of mind, here on my channel is what you'll receive. Different genre from motivational, inspirational, love, humorous quotes, diy projects and...
  18. nailsunleashed


    Easy and fun nail art!! A DIFFERENT APPROACH TO NAIL TUTORIALS! Dedicated to women all over the world! LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU THINK!!;)(y) (Y)
  19. The Cheeky Melon

    Entertainment I'd like to evolve my potato channel :D

    Hi everyone! I'm Sanne, also known as The Cheeky Melon! I just started my Youtube channel and I'm really loving it. I upload every Tuesday and Thursday. There's not really one kind of video I create. Let me explain you; I love to do creative stuff like DIY etc. But I also love playing games...
  20. nailsunleashed


    Are their forums available here on Freedom that are sub-forms that include members you can interact with that share the same interests and have similar types of channels? Thanks!:)