1. Bilal Rana

    YouTube Subscribed My Channel #funkimasti

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  2. Benhur

    Life Establish| Encouraging Word| Inspirational & Motivational Video

    Hey Guys, Check out my new video. If you like it do like share and comment. And don't Forget to subscribe to my channel. God Bless You
  3. Benhur

    Service Get Your Video Edited and More... (Paid)

    Hello everyone! I am offering my services to edit your 1) YouTube Videos 2) Thumbnails 3) Audio Editing 4) Channel Art 5) Profile Picture 6) Intro Video My cost for all the above services is $30 For individual services the cost is 1) YouTube Videos: $10 2) Thumbnails: $2 3) Audio Editing: $7...
  4. B

    Film/Animation FILM N I

    Hello YouTube and Freedom Peeps, I'm Byera 22 year old, Tanzanian, currently in China Studying for a BSc in Computer science. Nice to meet you all. I have been using youtube probably through my life and every single time I see someone on the screen, I feel like I wanna be where they are...
  5. LPSprouts

    Subscriber Milestone W00T W00T

    So, i just looked at my channel and realized that i passed 20 subs! its a small achievement but it feels rewarding to me. now im 1/5th of the way to my first goal! lets get it. (thank you to any freedom members who support my channel and videos it really means a-lot too me) <3