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    Hey guys :) Check it out, I started a new series :)
  2. iGoDZoFLuiGii

    Fun and Games Continue the 3 word story!

    The 3 word story is simple, someone starts of giving 3 words towards a story, and the next person who comments leaves 3 words to continue off from that story, and it repeats in a Infinite loop... lets see how far we can go! George you silly
  3. Kuyoyo

    Fun and Games Mention Your Great City in your Country

    So, here. Just mention your Great City (Number One) in Your Country, so Everyone can know more about your Country. Have a nice Try. My City : Bali, Indonesia.
  4. D


    Post In The Comment What You Gonna Do! Mine Is: Buying the parts needed to build a Youtube Studio And buy a nice house
  5. HAM - CSGO & MORE

    Fun and Games PICTURE HUNT!

    Someone should say a picture name like ''Facepalm face'' and the next post should be a Facepalm face picture and and another picture name 1- It's not allowed for you to ask for players personal picture 2- No double posting I will start first I want harry potter fighting a shark picture
  6. Z

    Gaming Check out my channel

    Hey guys i will get to it. I am a 15 year old gamer that is looking to grow on you tube. The reason i am doing you tube is that it is a lot of fun trying to grow a channel from 0 subs and 0 views. The videos i am making are so far Minecraft survival (Castaway island) and hunger games i am...
  7. popular3drhymes

    Educational what is the benfit of forums community

    please tell any one how use forum community for grow channel
  8. SergePlaysAlot

    Gaming Hello My name is SergePlaysAlot do you want to collab?

    Hello everybody and thank you for reading this post, my name is Serge, and I have a pretty new Youtube Channel, I upload one or two gaming videos everyday and I think is going pretty well, I wanted to start doing this for a few years now, but the Pc I had then was not powerfull enough to record...
  9. Jacob Korkeakoski

    Gaming Hello freedom family

    hello guys I'm new here just started making videos because my friends told me to make videos. I am happy and excited to start making videos and making my viewers laugh and I am glad to be apart of the freedom family... My channel is about gaming with funny moments and will also maybe in the...
  10. Rafij Rahman

    Fun and Games Who Can Post Last?

    Hello best friends,let's play a game.It's really easy "Members post as often as possible, in the effort to be the last person to have posted to a thread before it either gets forgotten, closed or deleted." Let's see who can be the last :D:D:D
  11. M

    Gaming Im new !!!

    Hey!!!! See my chanell and subscribe like a video and another !!! Mortal GAming on yt xD Your name/alias: Matej Where are you from?:Croatian How old are you?:13 How did you find Freedom!?: from friend at school What made you join our forums?: idk hahaha ! What are your hobbies?: football What is...
  12. Akram Izimi

    Fun and Games Let's try and type George 1000 times

    George :) 1
  13. Lightskin ProductionYT

    Fun and Games Mmmmm! I'm Craving.......FIRST FOOD YOU THOUGHT OF READY! GO!!

    I'll start us off! WATERMELON and quite honestly have no clue why?!?!
  14. Tan Tan

    Fun and Games Who can be the last replier?

    Ok, the rules are simple. Try and be the last person to reply to this post