1. A


    We are new here and are aspiring to grow our youtube channel! We create fun content for everyone. We'd appreciate any new subscribers and would love to meet new creative people too !
  2. Jaydotgr8

    Gaming JayDotGr8

    New to youtube but I want to grow my channel to spread happiness across the world.
  3. Earl Allard

    Comedy Hilarious Music Video!

  4. SavageMoonEdits

    Gaming I love gaming so much

    Gaming is really special to me.
  5. Tim McCammon

    Gaming What's going on? MonoNinja Here!

    Hi I'm Tim! Otherwise known as MonoNinja on YouTube! I'm a small YouTuber just trying to turn something I love into something I can do for the rest of my life! I love interacting with people via YouTube whether it be in my livestreams or collaborations! I'm pretty funny with a one of a kind...
  6. Thelazysideoflife

    VLOG A hobby we explored on vacation

    Who would have thought I would find hiking so challenging
  7. Red Subject


    Any sandiego cty surfers in the community? Meet us at the Oside pier area =-)
  8. B

    What do you think about Valve updating Canals over and over again?

    Valve have updated canals in the last 6 months more than all the other active duty maps together, what is youre opinion on this?
  9. Angienicholas4016

    VLOG Angie Nicholas Vlogs (Ottawa)

    Your name/alias: angie nicholas vlogs Where are you from?: kanata Ontario Canada How old are you?: 43 yrs old How did you find Freedom!? they found me :) What made you join our forums?: To get more info and tips for making and producing better content. What are your hobbies?: making videos...
  10. Crashy

    Gaming Introduction to Crashy!

    Hi everyone! My name is Austin, but everyone calls me Crashy (because I thought of it off the top of my head one day) I am from Ely, Nevada. But I'm currently living in another small town in Idaho called Arco! I am currently 18 years of age and I will be turning 19 in late October. I found...
  11. Deathlake

    VLOG Dog playing in deep snow uk!

    my partners shih Tzu dog playing in the deep snow in the uk, about to turn into yellow snow! Please do comment below or on the actual video if it has snowed in your area, if yes how deep it is or if any of your services has stopped working or altered eg transport stopped working/ work or...
  12. S

    Gaming Need help to grow

    Hello, I run a group gaming channel with my friends and family, we've been making videos for quite a while now, but we remain at only 15 subs, looking for some help from people that we can have fun with and play some, PS4 or PC, games, looking forward to meeting some other creators as well.
  13. N

    Podcast Podcast

    Hello! Since I don't meet YouTube's new require and will be unlinked soon, I figured this was my last chance to do this. I don't know any other way to reach people, so I'm doing it here. I'd like to start a podcast. Just a random, not-very-serious one. I'd like to do it at least once every two...
  14. Sergus White

    Comedy New video style ! Feeedback :))))

    I’ve been a lot into gaming videos and finally came round to trying something new. Will be making some cool new videos. I know this video is short, but any comments would be appreciated !
  15. 502Gaming

    Gaming Looney Tunes B-Ball!

    This is one of my favorite videos we've had on our channel. The main reason is because it was just me and my cousin having some genuine fun with a goofy game that we had no idea how to play! Please enjoy!
  16. RenownGaming

    Entertainment YouTube

    I make youtube videos, I also work so hard on them to get them to where they are and how they are and how they attract viewers. Anyone wanting to have a discussion on youtube or in need of tips and tricks, this is the thread for you and of course, there is allowed to be other conversations:)
  17. SpoofTV

    Gaming SpoofTV here!

    Hey, guys! My name is Tyler or SpoofTV. I'm 18 years old and just recently started making content on YouTube and trying to gain an audience. I make highlights videos with friends and I like to keep things fun and interesting with any kind of humor! I upload every Sunday so feel free to check out...
  18. Friends Among People

    Gaming Everyday Gaming Videos

    Hey Freedom Forums, My Name is Matt Martin, I made this account when it was supposed to be a joint channel so thats why the name is different. I love making videos but my true passion is film. One of the best pieces of advice i was given was to edit as much as possible. This is something fun...
  19. Caz

    Fun and Games True or False

    The mechanics are fairly simple: the person below me will have to answer either 'True' or 'False' about the statement written by the person before them. Put the sentence/statement on Bold to avoid confusion. So let's start! Watching an Adam Sandler movie is my worst idea to kill the time.
  20. CephasRed

    Gaming SANDY SWEETS! | Let's Play Cuphead (Part 5)

    A fast paced episode where I cut out all the boring parts and stick to the action. Now going to World 2 in Inkwell Isle, it's time to fight against a pastry queen and a shape shifting genie. Sounds simple right? Hah! Faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar from it! Game: CUPHEAD in "Don't Deal with the...