1. FutureGaming


    I hope you enjoy the most epic game i have ever played on the mobile app free fire. Hope you Enjoy and Make sure to leave a LIKE, it would help me out a bunch. THANKS!!!
  2. FutureGaming

    Gaming Free Fire Highlights #2

  3. Koala_Steamed

    How to Make Walkthrough Videos!

    Do you know how you can properly make Walkthrough videos? If not this is your lucky day because today we will be able to help you out with that. In this episode, we will share with you the tips and neat tricks you can do to make more effective walkthrough videos!
  4. Koala_Steamed

    Games that Offer a lot of Content

    Do you know what games you can play that will produce a lot of content? On this episode of MGN, we will be able to help you out with that. This episode will be able to give you a ton of information on what kinds of content you can make on the games we will be mentioning.
  5. Z

    Gaming YouTuber who will be uploading mostly Fortnite gaming/challenges and make my way to the TOP

    Hey i am new upcoming YouTuber who will be uploading mostly gaming/challenges videos. im a New Fortnite player, if you have any tip or any advice i will gladly listen to. I will keep playing and uploading Gameplay/Highlights/Montages videos and let you see all the progress i will made in this...
  6. ImBasiic

    Gaming Weekly Highlights #1 - MrHuffy

    Hey Freedom! My name is Jesse, known as Huffy on the interwebs. I hope everyone is having a great Tuesday and thank you for taking your time to read my post! I recently earned my Sub Button on Twitch and I'm beyond blessed and happy. The grind doesn't stop!! This video is my first ever weekly...
  7. AlphaHawk


    Road to Sovereign Rank Episode 3 Can I win 9 in a row??? Assassin Meta or ADC Meta??? hmmm High Level Gameplay. I'm playing "random" champs in rank to see who's the best carry in high elo. in this game my main goal is to get the sovereing rank. My other goals to get in this series is to be #1...
  8. Battle Royale Moments

    Gaming Newest video looking for feedback :)

    Hey guys this is my newest video. I think i am starting to get the hang of how many different clips for a 10 min video. Still i think there is some i can improve.
  9. Battle Royale Moments

    Gaming Battle Royale moments

    Your name/alias: Battle Royale Moments Where are you from?: UK How old are you?:17 How did you find Freedom!? Actually found it years ago when I had another channel, but that didn't last long :) What are your favorite Games?: Battle Royale games, obviously. Why did you start YouTube? Well...
  10. SpoofTV

    Gaming SpoofTV here!

    Hey, guys! My name is Tyler or SpoofTV. I'm 18 years old and just recently started making content on YouTube and trying to gain an audience. I make highlights videos with friends and I like to keep things fun and interesting with any kind of humor! I upload every Sunday so feel free to check out...
  11. Swaggyrice official

    Gaming Swaggyrice official

    I’m a new YouTuber. I play games like nba 2k18 and madden and cod and many more. I’m really just trying to grow and get my content out there. Cause I know I have stuff that people are going to want to see. I post MWF. And well I hope y’all check out my channel and sub
  12. AlphaHawk


    URF 2017 - URF SIVIR - SIVIR IN ULTRA RAPID FIRE MODE - League of Legends ULTRA RAPID FIRE MODE - URF ULTRA RAPID FIRE IS LIVE! SIVIR in URF it's really fun to play. Welcome back for another league of legends video. So today ill be playing Sivir in All Random Ultra Rapid Fire Mode I Hoped...
  13. AlphaHawk

    Gaming Mobile Legends: Road to Glorious Legend S1 E1

    Hello guys, 2 days ago i started a new series in my channel it's called the Mobile Legends: Road to Glorious Legend S1 E1. Youtube video:
  14. G

    Gaming Love My Squad

  15. G

    Gaming LAG or Did I Get Owned?

  16. G

    Offering Please Review My Channel (Feedback/Reviews Returned)

    Hello Everyone! Today is my first day as a Freedom! member, but I am already beginning my long run of activity. My goal is to grow along side all of you, take your tips and feedback, give tips and feedback, and absorb all I can to get my channel and yours to where we want them to be! If you ask...
  17. G

    Gaming Hello All!

    Hi! My name is GLa5s and today is my first day as a partner with Freedom!. I am very excited to be a part of this community, and am looking forward to growing with community members, contributing as much as I can to the community, and building on anything and everything that I can. I am a gamer...
  18. ceo Lorenzo

    Gaming Playerunknown's Battlegrounds - Highlights and Funny Moments #2

  19. ceo Lorenzo

    Gaming Playerunknown's Battlegrounds - Highlights and Funny Moments #2

  20. ceo Lorenzo

    Gaming Playerunknown's Battlegrounds - Highlights and Funny Moments #1

    First montage of my best moments i've had so far on PUBG. Let me know what you think!