horror games

  1. Carl D

    Gaming Finally beat the horror game on Halloween.

    So I finally finished the game called IB and I discovered there where so many alternate endings I had to re film it due to audio issue but I hope you y'all enjoyed the video. Also Happy Halloween, also if y'all have any suggestions of what I can improve on just let me know.
  2. Carl D

    y'all play games on the holiday?

    So I wanted to ask if y'all do like holiday gaming, like do y'all play horror games in october?
  3. Carl D

    Gaming I have no idea what Im doing in IB lets play episode 1

    This is one of the games that I wanted to play. Im wanting to get some more horror games out and this is one of the games if y'all wanna give me some feedback. I would be thankful for it.
  4. Quill

    Entertainment Hey, My Name is Quill.

    Hey My Name is Quill, I'm from Australia and i'm 18. I love making all kinds of videos from gaming to short stories, once i get some money i want to go into film making and make all kinds of short films for my channel :) I've been at youtube for about 5 years and had no luck, ive given up on so...
  5. PrettyKoolCat

    Scariest Game?

    I know what's scary to some might not be scary to others. Some people like gory and bloody (Friday the 13th), while others like phycological horror (The Park), or just plain old jumpscare horror games (Silent Night). I think the scariest games are the jumpscare type of games. So what do you...
  6. IWantLeGames

    Gaming [100 Subs] Reaction Compilation

    Hey guys! Jeffrey here! This video I'm about to link you guys to took me 6 hours just to edit with all of the subtitles I have on it. I'm going to start doing a lot more long let's plays so I can do more with the videos in the future than I did with this one. Even though this video is 4 minutes...
  7. HealPleaseHeal

    Gaming Let The Horror Game play Begin!

    Check out my full play-through of the popular horror game, Layers of Fear. I can easily say, that this was one of creepiest games I ever played.
  8. Ak3gZ

    PC Searching youtubers for collaborations

    Hello everyone. My nickname is Ak3gZ and I'm searching people to do some collaborations in horror games or other. I'm Italian, so I'd like to find people of my country, but It would be fun to do some videos with foreign youtubers :D Contact me if you're interested in. Stay tuned! Ak3gZ
  9. HealPleaseHeal

    Gaming Let The Amnesia Set In - My Name Is Daniel #1

    I start a new series with the highly well known game, Amnesia. I play Daniel "I think" and I'm in a castle re-discovering why I'm here. I can't stand in the dark, otherwise I loose sanity. I can't witness crazy things, otherwise I loose sanity; and I'll admit, I never hated doors more than I do...
  10. Silverlite

    Gaming Sup Guys! Silverlite Here! (I'm new here)

    Whats Goin on guys, Silverlite here! I started YouTube like a year ago n post some games like Gmod Funny Online Moments n solo horror games! I enjoy playing with other people n make new friends! :D Although I'm still a college student so it's hard to upload videos consistently... If you wanna...

    Gaming Hi guys! Nice to meet you all !

    Hey everyone! hopefully a few have a read LOL ! My name is Adam Couser, I'm 25 years old and a personal trainer from Northern Ireland! I have just recently started my new gaming channel on Youtube, If you want, Pop up in chat and I will link you my channel ! don't be shy to go subscribe and...
  12. Shoot and Scoot

    Gaming I'm 21 and I don't think my heart can handle horror games anymore xD

    So I've been on a kick lately of playing horror games, and with the release of Resident Evil 7, and me not owning that, I'm even more into this horror junk lol. I just wanted to share me getting scared with the Freedom Fam! I hope you guys like it! If you comment on the video, make sure to let...
  13. Shoot and Scoot

    Gaming Layers of Fear Chapter 3! I broke my keyboard xD

    So I have a love/hate relationship with horror games, but I still will always play them! I plan on uploading a horror game video at least once a week! Hopefully you guys enjoy this video, like, comment, and subscribe for more! Just let me know you're from Freedom when you comment on my YouTube...
  14. That Awkward Giraffe

    Gaming Brutus wants Applesauce

    Good Morning or Afternoon or whenever you see this, it's monday for me which means more outlast. I think we are about halfway through with the game right now and things are getting WFT. I hope you enjoy, see you on wednesday with FNaF World.
  15. Joshua Andales

    Gaming Definitely not a Gaming Channel

    Hello. The name's Rosenity and I run a growing (by I mean growing, I mean losing subs constantly) gaming channel. Current games that are featured on my channel are SMITE: FRAN BOW: I'll be doing more contents on different games soon. And I'll be starting a new series once my current one...
  16. Zane The cat

    Gaming I GOT a HUGE BAT ! | Until Dawn #5

    I GOT a HUGE BAT ! | Until Dawn #5
  17. KushalGamer


    Lately I want to play more and more horror games! I want to get scared really badly so any hooror game you guys recommend that are free!
  18. MrBLaVigne

    Gaming DID YOU SEE THAT!? Five Nights at Freddy's 4 - #2 w/Facecam

    DID YOU SEE THAT!? Five Nights at Freddy's 4 - #2 w/Facecam
  19. HFOShow


    Yes I Failed this time to complete the BONNIE CHALLENGE!! .. , but i will be back for that soooon!! However, when you hear fail you have to just know that i got JUMPED!! --------- HOPE YOU ENJOY! :D ---------
  20. HFOShow

    Gaming EASY AS PIE!

    Everybody knows that Freddy's territory is easy to pass , especially when you know the distribution or the pattern of where the items usually appear , but I ain't gonna lie , I WAS REALLY LUCKY xP Anyways, despite that fact , what I am worrying about right now is how am I going to manage the...