1. Koala_Steamed

    How to get your Gaming Space

    Hey Gamers, we all know that we want to have our own gaming space and that requires a lot of dollars or funds but you can still create your gamer space with a tight budget. On this episode, Nold will be able to help you out with. He will talk to you about hacks where you can get your hardware in...
  2. Koala_Steamed

    How to become a charismatic gamer!

    Have you ever asked yourself if you are a charismatic gamer? Well, everyone can be confident in their own way! Don’t worry though Nold will be able to help you out with that. In this video, he will be giving you tips on what your audiences would want to see on your videos. Remember this is just...
  3. Reaver152

    Gaming How To Get A Sandwich Like A Reaver in Assassin's Creed Black Flag!!

    Enjoy this step-by-step guide to getting a sandwich LIKE A BAWSS in Assassin's Creed Black Flag!! Have a GREAT WEEK and keep it CRAZY guys!!
  4. JacZGaming

    Gaming JacZGaming ( I do Gaming & Tech How to videos )

    Your name/alias: JacZGaming / Jack Where are you from?: Victoria Australia How old are you?:19 How did you find Freedom!? always know about Freedom What made you join our forums?: The freedom Dashboard What are your hobbies?: Gaming, Motorbike riding, Fixing things when i break them and editing...
  5. ThealerGames

    Gaming Hey There! I'm ThealerGames!

    Hello FREEDOM Community! My name is Je June Lee. I own the channel ThealerGames, in my channel I do mostly gaming, how-to's, vlogs etc! The reason why I started to make videos is because I was bored one day and wanted to try something new, eventually I turned to YouTube as a way to cure my...
  6. Dillon


    Ok: long informational rant incoming. But I promise this will help your YouTube Channel overall. Part 1: Your YouTube channel should be relevant, consistently. Decide what you want to film/upload, and keep it relevant. It's fine to break away from the norm occasionally, but your subscribers...