1. Carl D

    How do y'all come up with ideas?

    I wanted to ask the community on how y'all come up with ideas for your content? For me I like to type out my ideas on a notepad and just try new things.
  2. SeñorDee

    YouTube I need help

    Hi, I want to upload a new video to my gaming channel but I don't have any ideas for a video if you have any suggestions that will be awesome!
  3. Vlogging Tape


    HI guys! just looking fro some vlogging ideas ? i have a vlogging channel and i need some good ideas so i can film some interesting stuff! my life is pretty basic so i need some inspiration if anyone could help ! all ideas are welcome ! lets get a good discussion going on
  4. Koala_Steamed

    How to Make Walkthrough Videos!

    Do you know how you can properly make Walkthrough videos? If not this is your lucky day because today we will be able to help you out with that. In this episode, we will share with you the tips and neat tricks you can do to make more effective walkthrough videos!
  5. O

    Entertainment Content Consultant: The Beauty Community

    Hi guys, I started this new video series on my channel and I'm not gonna lie, I'm pretty nervous about it. I felt that I wasn't about to convey my idea correctly in the video, but I really hope to improve in the future. I would really appreciate any feedback or constructive criticism: Thank...
  6. RyanSellers

    Ideas of things to add to Fortnite!

    I am friends with Mustard Plays (We both live in the same city) His brother is the lead developer at Epic Games and helped create Fortnite. So if you have any ideas that would be cool to get added into Fornite maybe let me know and I can tell my friend Mustard Plays so he can tell his brother...
  7. sajid hussain

    hey guys i just want to know which diy project is cool to work

    i am an youtuber making most of the videos on science which includes DIY ideas too so can you just recommend me which DIY project you guys like most???so that i could give a try.
  8. sajid hussain

    How To welcome to my channel sajid hussain.

    hello guys i am newbie on youtube and here in this channel i will be posting cool science stuff. why i got this idea many of my friends wanted to know? for that i need to give my introduction first of all. My name is Sajid hussain and i am an engineer without a job. i love science and more than...
  9. SoccerBrosTv

    YouTube Halloween Skit!

    We are doing a Halloween Skit series that will be 3-5 Episode and running time is 5-10 minutes each video. We need scary ideas on doing the skit. Our title be called the The Curse. Soccer needs to be involved in this soooooo give us some ideas!!! ASAP we need to get onto the scripts
  10. Johannes89

    Video Ideas

    Good day to all Freedom family i need to get new ideas for my videos. what do you guys like to watch online what are your most searchable things on youtube. what gameplay videos do you like watching. do you like review videos. i want to get as much info as i can to get my channel bit more...
  11. XProject RageX

    what you thinks

    Yo freedom family it's been awhile since I posted here and now i'm here again to ask for some idea for some AMV. cause i have a few in the back of my mind but i just wanted to see what y'all may thinking is a good one y'all might want to see. it could be a weird one you never thought would go...
  12. Billy AngelWing

    Gaming Any ideas?

    So, I was wondering what games everyone thought I should do when I complete the game I'm doing. What would you like to see. I've been thinuking of going back to mortal kombat x but would any of you watch them or shall I start something new?
  13. iKen

    VLOG Hey Hi Guys! Ken here :)

    Hi everyone! I am Kenneth Rafanan II, yes not 1, not Junior but The Second(II). They usually call me Ken or Ken-Ken. That's why I came up with the idea of having an #IKen Vlog (I CAN), 'coz I'm actually afraid of doing a lot of things (I can't explain it one by one, sorry). On the other...
  14. I

    Gaming Any Gamers or vloggers want to collab

    Hey i was wondering if anyone wanted to collab with me we will be fair and make a video or 2 for each channel and must link them in the description as its fair. I have loads of ideas in terms of gaming videos if you have a xbox one or black ops2 on xbox 360 hit me up by replying or dm me on...
  15. MariamPMusic

    Música ¿Te apetece colaborar?

    Hola! Soy Máriam Pereira (MariamPMusic en YouTube), subo covers a mi canal de youtube, aunque pronto empezaré con otro tipo de contenido. Si a alguien le interesa colaborar conmigo en algún video, ya sea de música, challenges.. que no dude en contactarme! Un saludo!
  16. mc the miner

    Comments Gift Card Giveaway IDEA! (Please Read!!)

    Hi, my name is mc the miner and lately ive been in need of things to giveaway, now of course I can giveaway those games but my viewers have grown tired of that and im looking for something else. So I had a doable idea to make freedom! just that much better then it already is! My idea is a tab...
  17. AnthonyProkhorenko

    YouTube HEYA !!!

    I'm nu to youtubs and well looking for ideas....(Gaming) in general NO MINECRAFT!!!XD if you're interested check out my youtube channel. PS: notify me if the channel art and icon is ok.....newbie alertXD
  18. BAGz

    How To How to make your setup look 10x better!

    What's up Freedom Family, in this video I teach you how to make your desk look 10x better with one simple trick!
  19. Veronica Aptel

    YouTube Need Ideas

    Hey everyone, I need websites to make my thumbnails better. I also need help deciding a name for my subscribers. the only two I can come up with are Dragon Children and Nature Children. Help ;-;
  20. Matthew Autry

    VLOG Im a new vlogger

    I am a 16 year old vlogger, I started my vlogging channel up a few weeks ago, I think that i am doing fairly well, but i would like any suggestions or tips people may have. Also any video ideas people may have. I am not particularly any good at it, but i like youtube and i will keep doing it...