1. Row

    Official How to Change your Forum Username

    Hey Freedom! family, What's that? You need to change your username to escape the authorities but can't find a way how? Not to worry! Just follow these steps: (y) (Y) Go to the Freedom! Forums Store. Scroll down to find the product "Change User Name" Make sure you have the sufficient amount of...
  2. Billy AngelWing

    PSN names

    Need more friends on playstation. Comment your PSN names and I will add you.
  3. SweatySohan

    Review4Review Do i need a new Channel name?

    Hello recently i have been thinking that i should start a new channel or change my name? I was just wondering if someone could give me some advice? Thanks I will help others as well!
  4. V

    YouTube Can't decide between these two names :(

    Hello Freedom!, So I have been here for a while but on a different account and started with that name, but meanwhile I came up with a different name for myself and now I can't decide.So what do you think?
  5. O

    Ideas For A Channel Name?

    Hi everyone I have a youtube channel that till now has been called ok productions since ok where my initials it has gained a few subs since then. Now my friends joined me on the channel and we no longer only make vlogs we also make gaming videos therefor okproductions doesn't really fit anymore...
  6. C

    Gaming Hello I am Can

    My name is can. I come from Thailand. I am 13 year olds (too young). I like to play game. I start youtube because i like to share my video. My biggest dream is 100,000 subscribe (for now :D). i run gaming channel. I upload video 5-7 times a week Help to subscribe me for my dream XD Sorry for...
  7. H

    PC GMOD Collab!

    I'd love to skype some people, hop into a game and play some GMOD with some people. Simply reply down below and add me on skype. Thanks! Skype: YoutubeNameHectic
  8. madmanencore

    Thinking of changing channel name

    hi been thinking about changing my channel name as had the name last 8 and half years and think it's time to change it. I can't remember how I got the name when I made it and to me it doesn't seem very interesting. Any opinions on this Should I change it? Or should I leave it as it is ?
  9. proofox

    Tips & Tricks How to Make an Attractive YouTube Channel

    Hello All, I am a content creator from Lithuania. For a long time I have been helping to create and develop youtube channels. And with my help a lot of those channels became attractive and started to gain more views (by that I mean at first they had about 1-40 views after my help they had...
  10. Marius Haga Skaar

    Gaming My name is Marius Haga Skaar on my channel Mariuzz!

    My name is Marius Haga Skår. I am 14 years old (soon turning 15) and from Norway. I also do Taekwondo and have red belt! I started with youtube in 2011 and made minecraft let's plays. I then started a new channel now thats called "Mariuzz". I dont make videoes so often becuase of school and...