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  1. Kuroh Chan

    Gaming Hi everyone!

    Hi guys!, I'm Kuroh Chan and i run a gaming channel on YouTube i just started uploading gaming content on my channel and decided to introduce myself into freedom community/forum to promote my channel. I do funny moments/skits and also Drum covers (soon) on my channel. I want to meet new people...
  2. 528expert528

    Entertainment I'm new here this is my first self-promote post. Your support is priceless

    Hello, I'm at the beginning so any support would be awesome. I have some experimental high tech music with comedy compilation. I writ a short story and I dubbed it, It's not the best but it's on the first go. I'm a music lover too. I'm open to collaborate or writ lyrics for you. Check out my...
  3. 528expert528

    Entertainment Hello, from Eminent Productions

    If you like comedy entertainment music experimental project's and audio-books with short stories witch I writ check out my channel, feel free to comment and criticism constructively thank you. have a great day. It's imminent for us to be eminent. I'm open to collaborations, and playlist...


  5. FutureGaming

    Gaming Welcome To My Channel!

    Hey guys my name is Brayan or you can call me by my YouTube name Fuego (Which is Fire for spanish). A huge Welcome To My Channel! This is my first ever video on here so I hope you enjoy it. I will be posting Gaming Videos, Vlogs, and Music Type Related Content so be hyped for these videos. I...
  6. B

    Gaming New gaming channel!

    Hi all, welcome to this post. About myself: Your name/alias: bu11et How old are you?: 17 How did you find Freedom!?: via friends What made you join our forums?: I want to improve my videos and get a small audience What are your hobbies?: Soccer, Gaming What is your favorite food?: Mexican...
  7. Melodic Explosion

    Music Hello Ellau! :)

    Really excited to be a part of this community. I am a music producer from Norway with a mission to empower others thru my music. I make Instrumental, Meditation, Oriental, Fantasy, Relaxation and Original music. I focus on using natural elements and ancient instruments of the world to create...
  8. S

    Community Just started - Gaming Content - Help a fella out :)

    Hey guys, So my name's Gr1m. I literally just uploaded my first video on my new channel and was looking for some support from the community. My channel will mainly be gaming content: - Funny moments - A road to global series(CSGO) -Highlights -Just gaming related stuff I'm going to be posting...
  9. ZoTac

    Comedy Comedy and Gaming Channel!

    Hello! My name is ZoTac i have been gone since 2014 and have returned to YouTube this month! I make videos on subjects that people find funny and gaming videos! I had a bigger channel but was unable to carry on when i lost the account and my computer at the time broke! A year after in 2014 I...
  10. KageGaming

    Gaming I will die fighting, before I live on my knees

    Good Morning Ladies and gentlemen. I am Andrade, also known as KageTV on youtube. Let me tell you a little about me. I was born in Brasil, then i got a scholarship to come play soccer for a High School here in NY. Went to college and here is where i am currently. I am 25 years old...
  11. Kevin DaGraca

    Music Me and my channel

    Hi!! My name is Kevin DaGraca! I am 23 year old pianist/vocalist I have been a musician since I was six years old. My favorite type of music to cover is movie/gaming soundtracks I started my youtube channel for my friends and family. They wanted a way to see me grow as a musician. Then other...
  12. Miketue

    Olá pessoal eu sou o miketue

    Bem criei este canal à 2 mêses atras, espero que gostem! queria que me dessem a vossa opiniao sincera para poder melhorar os meus erros. Obrigado Miketue
  13. E

    How To Hello Nice To Meet You Guys!

    Hello guys! My name is Eldrick Greenaway from New York! I'm 17 years old new to Youtube and I'm a new member of the Freedom Community! I found Freedom through a video and I joined because I wanted to. My hobbies are editing, recording, and making videos. I also ride my bike outside occasionally...
  14. D

    Comedy Hey guys please check out my new channel

    Your name/alias: Driz Where are you from?: South east England How old are you?: 14 years old How did you find Freedom!? On ziovo YouTube channel What made you join our forums?: wanting to grow my channel What are your hobbies?: Football and making videos What is your favorite food? Pizza Why did...
  15. RossIncYT

    Gaming Who the heck am I? Why am I even here?

    Who the heck am I? Why am I even here? Grettings Freedom! family, Let me introduce myself, My name is Jordan but I got by Ross on youtube. I'm a very small channel that is kind of struggling right now with problems in my personal life and growing my channel. I love to edit and create thumbnails...
  16. MasterThief Tv

    Gaming Im MasterThief Tv

    YOOO lol I'm a gamer who plays 2k 17 and GTA 5 if you wanna see my content check out my youtube channel id if you wanna collab my Xbox name is l NDMxjay2k l I am on Xbox one by the way I also do GFX and intros I'm trying to bring back my dead channel so you don't have to sub but can you drop by
  17. S

    VLOG New to the community!

    What's going on everyone?? I'm new here!
  18. BORICUAxSaint

    Gaming Hello! I'm new

    Hi everyone! My name is Ian and ive just joined freedom hoping that my channel will grow faster. I do gaming videos and most of the videos that im starting to like doing is horror videos. I also have other single player videos but i enjoy watching myself get scared shitless lol. My channel is a...
  19. Pazkat

    Gaming Funny moments videos

    Hey guys I'm Pazkat and I am a fairly new gaming YouTuber, I have started to try to post some funny moments on my channel lately and I would appreciate it if you could check it out.
  20. Nayeem Ahmed

    Gaming Hi EVERYONE!! I recently started a YT gaming channel :D

    Hey guys, my name is Nayeem and i am 18 years of age. Born and raised in KUWAIT but originally from BANGLADESH. I recently decided to pursue my dreams of YOUTUBE :D Here on my channel i make gaming videos, top 10's and tutorials atleast 5 days a week. This channel is your number one stop for...