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  1. Carl D

    Subscriber Milestone I am actually close to my sub count

    So I found out my channel is some what close to my goal and I gotta say I am proud of myself. But I'll be making more improvements to my channel.
  2. Carl D

    y'all play games on the holiday?

    So I wanted to ask if y'all do like holiday gaming, like do y'all play horror games in october?
  3. Carl D

    Gaming Getting attacked by the red painted lady| Lets Play Ib Episode 2

    This is one of the most interesting gameplays that I've been playing its kinda scary and suspense but I do like some of the jumpscares of this videogame. Also would like to get some feedback of what I can improve on as well too.
  4. Carl D

    Gaming I defeated cthullu.

    Yes you heard it I defeated cthullu in call of karen simulator game. I honestly thought I lost the battle but I won I'm actually proud of my self. :D
  5. T

    Entertainment Introduction

    Hey guys I hope you can check out my YouTube Channel. Let me know what you think. Thank you!! Hopefully y'all like it!! Here is my introduction video! :)
  6. Vlad Jirnov

    Gaming Introducing PersonalityChange

    Hey guys, I'm a small gaming youtuber! Right now, I mostly upload tutorial videos about the video games that I enjoy playing. I do that because I love helping and teaching other people. I might starting doing gameplay series on those games and see how that goes in the future. Check out my...
  7. V

    Entertainment hello

    hello my name is vontrell spurlock and im and up and coming youtuber.. can you please go check out my channel and tell me what you think.. like, subscribe, and please leave comments on what you think i can improve on.. thank you
  8. Chef JBrDee

    Gaming Chef JBrDee is in the BUILD'N!!

    What's cook'n everyone?! I'm Chef JB and like many of you I am new to YouTube and am seeking to expand and grow my subscription base. I'm a lifelong gamer of course, but I also have an almost unhealthy obsession w/ Food and the Culinary arts so I enjoy blending the two! I also think my unique...
  9. AmblerA

    Community Hey Guys! If you like Vlogs and Gaming Videos - AmblerA is the way!

    Hey guys! Please find the time to check out my YouTube channel... I've been at this for quite a while now and would love to have a responsive and helpful community to help my channel grow :) I upload vlogs, gaming videos, skits and more nearly every week. AmblerA BRING IT ON!
  10. DreamVilleGames

    Gaming New funny gaming youtuber

    Hello everyone, my name is DreamVilleGames and I make funny youtube videos of me playing video games. I plan on playing so many video games, and currently I have 5 videos up on my channel right now. Each one is funny and interesting in their own ways. Please go check them out and like them if...
  11. FuturePerfectGaming

    Gaming Hey all, New YouTuber here!

    Hey guys, My name is Dan aand I run a gaming/tech channel called FuturePerfectGaming, I mainly do livestreaming and love the little community I am starting to grow and cultivate. We have just recently hit our first 100 subs which was amazing and as such it has given me the bug even further...
  12. Gazia

    Community Let's Start a New Community

    Hai, my name is Gazia! I'm 14, and I found Freedom! a while back by a YouTuber by the name of JustinTheOreo. My hobbies are Photoshop, recording, and just talking to people. Favorite food? Hmmm, it's not really food, more of a drink, but frappes. I'll take one anytime! ► I chose to join the...
  13. SwietyPlays

    Gaming HEY GUYS! I Just Started a New Gaming Channel!

    Hey Everyone, my name is Swiety. I will be posting some of my favorite games including call of duty, grand theft auto 5, rocket league, and minecraft on my new channel. I will be doing a huge variety of types of videos including montages, live commentaries, tips, tricks and SO MUCH MORE! I...
  14. Flawstreak

    Gaming Hello!

    Hi, I am a new youtuber that will be uploading daily soon. I play on PC btw, do not own a console so will be unable to upload videos of console-exclusives. The content that you can be expecting consists of (Not an exhaustive list): Overwatch The Division Star Wars Battlefront 2015 Star Wars...
  15. GeorgeHD

    Entertainment I Don't Know What to Say

    My name is George, my channel is Behizy and I'm just funny (my friends say). So if you want funny videos go watch mine they're funny I guess.
  16. HealPleaseHeal

    Gaming Getting In Some Prisoners

    We start this day off by agreeing to help Twitcher, a run-away survivor and try to cut off an attack from Raiders. We take on yet another prisoner, and find our own dog whisperer in our midst. We begin building some prisoner cells and get a ton of wool supplies... But during this whole time, a...
  17. HealPleaseHeal

    Gaming Finding the Archives

    We begin to investigate the mansion.... or castle.... or where ever this guy is and start experiencing some weird stuff. From walls of flesh, to items being thrown around, and out of body voices our sanity begins to take some hits.
  18. Rommel RJ Jackson

    Entertainment Hello Everyone! I make Top 10 and Top 5 videos !

    What's up guys ?? My name is Rommel and I've started posting content on Youtube about a week ago. I upload countdown videos ( top 10, top 5 etc ). My content revolves around a wide array of topics but I would like to stick to the most interesting and weird stuff out there. I try to bring...
  19. TGC Gaming

    Gaming HEY! I am Imran(TGC) New to FREEDOM!

    First thing first let start with me. This are the question that you might thinking so let's cleared them all.... Your name/alias:I am Imran you can call me TGC too. Where are you from?:I am from India. Yah I know its not that much great. How old are you?:I am 14 years old and I am going to be 15...
  20. I

    Entertainment A young youtuber :}

    Hey guys, I just joined freedom network and I can't wait to meet new people. Some of my interests are making films and acting. I do reaction videos and some story time videos!