1. A

    Educational i m ali ustaji new here

    hello i m new here.canany body explain me how its work i mean my youtube channel grow plus how much freedom charge or they not charge first?
  2. A


    We are new here and are aspiring to grow our youtube channel! We create fun content for everyone. We'd appreciate any new subscribers and would love to meet new creative people too !
  3. Vlogging Tape

    VLOG Big plans for this channel

    HI there ! welcome to Vlogging Tape! were a new channel with big ideas! we are from the uk, the channel will be run by NS and TY Your name/alias: VloggingTape Where are you from?: United Kingdom How old are you?: 22/22 How did you find Freedom!? What made you join our forums?: NS had a...
  4. P

    Entertainment Hey, I'm Panashe Madz

    I'm new to this whole network thing, but I've been doing youtube for a long time and honestly, I'd love to collab with any and all of you.
  5. S

    Comedy Hi guys i'm new here! Make sure to check out my prank calling channel!

    Hi there, I'm new to the forum and I would love to be part of this community. It'd be great if you guys could check out my channel!
  6. RSJP

    Entertainment Aspiring YouTuber; 18 and Haitian

    Hi everyone, I just started my youtube channel a month ago and now that I am graduating high school I wanted to start making memories through my youtube. Hope you guys comment and share some of your advice with me, I am all ears for constructive criticism and support my growth through this new...
  7. spectorzz


    Hi guys spectator here! I want to introduce myself. i am spectorzz. i am a variety gaming channel trying to grow. i make funny moments, commentaries, rants, etc. i wish you guys could subscribe to me so i can grow. i would wvery much appreciate it. channel link...
  8. Novi Giants

    Entertainment Hi my name is Harrison Singer and Writer Of a New Indie Soul Rock Band

    Hi everyone, my name is Harrison, I am 29 years of age, from Providence Rhode Island. Its good to be here, I am so glad that I was led to this forum, I was researching of was to increase the number of subscribers to my band channel and a Youtuber Ziovo had mentioned this forum and so here I am...
  9. TopGamez

    Gaming Hello world

    Hi Freedom members, Am software engineer and have always been looking for ways to get rid of my day job and do the things my way. Starting a youtube channel is one of those steps. I started just a month ago and am still in the learning phase. I take things 1 step at the time, for now I know...
  10. The One And Only

    Entertainment Hello, World!

    Hey everyone! My name is Eddie, and I have just begun my YouTube hobby! I've recently just made my first video, and figured I should join a network in hopes of meeting new people. I'm from NYC in the US of A, and plan to make a large variety of videos. In particular, I wish to make analysis...
  11. Snake.

    Gaming Snake | New gaming channel

    Hi guys, I'm new in the freedom forum and I would like to become a partner one day. I start to introduce myself to the community; I am an Italian boy who loves videogaming game on the pc platform, in my channel as well as making commentary I concentrate on making cinematic or promotional...
  12. TheCodyNetwork

    Comedy Yanny vs. Laurel Parody!

    WAZZUP!! If you've heard about the Yanny vs. Laurel Debate, then I've got some news for you: There's a new version on YouTube right now, and it's a debate on the name CODY! (coincidence?) Anyways, go check it out! ENJOY! :) If you enjoyed the video, please like, comment, subscribe, and...
  13. Thelazysideoflife

    VLOG We just joined Freedom!

    Hey there! We are a young couple (Rita and João, 20 and 21) from Portugal that likes to make videos about our daily life. We like to portray an ordinary kind of life. We are very recent on youtube and are looking for some tips from other fellow youtubers (and provide some as well).
  14. AllTheLittleThings

    Gaming Hi Everybody!

    Hi Everyone I just wanted to introduce myself and say hi my name is Jordan I'm 18 and a female gaming YouTuber I've recently started to create content again because it's what I love to do. Its mostly going to be gaming content of whatever you guys want tl see. Hopefully freedom will help me to...
  15. tovah

    Opinion i just got a new mic is it good

    i used to use a headset now i use a blue snowball is it really good or it it ok because my headset coated me 50$ and it was not lasting long since my headset was made out of plastic and before i got it i wanted to get it now i have it my is more smoother now i don't even have to edit much audio...
  16. J

    Entertainment Hey! My name is Jayson! I'm new

    Hey everyone, My name is Jayson, i'm 24 years old, I come from Holland and i'm an freestyle dancer. My style is mostly a mix between hiphop and popping, but I use other influences as well. I want to share my dance on Youtube and hope that people will have a good time watching my video's. And...
  17. Hyperactive

    Gaming well.... thats intresting

    so you might not know but there are many channel that do a top 5 and i bet you didnt know im a top 5 host for call of duty ninja defusing. also im part of an elite team of ninjas called InPlainSight (IPS). but the biggest argument is what is a ninja defuse. well i go by as the bomb is planted...
  18. MisterZer0Below

    Music "Can't Help Falling in Love" by Elvis Presley

    Hey all, so it's been awhile. I have some projects underway but in the meantime I wanted to share a video I had edited for a friend of mine. Please give it a watch and show some love; she's new to YouTube and this is her first video but wow is she talented. "Can't Help Falling in Love" by...
  19. Robin Goodyear

    Gaming Hey All!

    My name is Robin Goodyear (AKA Chamberlain) and I just signed up for freedom! Currently I don't meet monetization requirements, but that's okay. I'm here to introduce myself! Currently, I do gaming content on YouTube, and am a part time college student. One of my favorite things to do is play...
  20. Deathlake

    Unboxings & Reviews Your fav Chinese food?

    Please do comment below or on the actual video whats your fav Chinese food or what you plan to eat on Chinese new year! A free Chinese new year goodie red lucky bag unboxing video