1. Jmgoodog11

    Entertainment My YouTube journey since Oct 2006.

    Long story short, I'm a pretty hardcore gamer, when it comes to something, I will grind it till achieve my goal, even if that goal makes nothing of it, I will continue doing what, I love to do. This is just a few of the ups and downs, I went through doing youtube as a content creator, in 2021...
  2. Super Mario Studio

    Entertainment Welcome to SuperMarioStudio

    Welcome to SMS! The plush channel with all your favorite video game characters like Mario, Sonic, Pikachu, Luigi, and more. The adventure awaits on SuperMarioStudio
  3. Cephalon

    Gaming Check out my Gaming Channel, GD CephalonHQ!!

    Hey everyone, I'm Cephalon. Recently I set up a gaming channel widely for the Geometry Dash community; it is called GD CephalonHQ. I've seen substantial growth but I really want to take the channel a lot further. On it, I do all sorts, such as: -Nintendo Switch Livestreams -Geometry Dash...
  4. Tha Real Young One

    Gaming Gamer Section Podcast Looking For More Memebers

    Hello my name is Kano from the Gamer Section Podcast. As you may know we been doing the podcast for almost 2 years and it's doing very well. We are looking for more panel members to talk about the latest in the gaming world including news, discussions, etc. If you are interested please contact...
  5. Tha Real Young One

    Gaming Creating a Gaming site as a successor to G4

    Hello My name is Kano 1/3 of the Gamer Section. We have a podcast called The Gamer Section Podcast where we are talking about the latest news, reviews, discussions in the gaming world. We are launching a website and is looking for Writers for the website. If you are interested please contact us...
  6. Eli Dreemurr

    Captain Toad Treasure Tracker 3DS Speedart

    Captain Toad Treasure Tracker 3DS Released TODAY!!!
  7. Tha Real Young One

    EA or Ubisoft?

    What company you think has been winning the gaming war as far as giving us great games EA or Ubisoft?
  8. IvyPlayGamez

    Look what i got for 5 buks!!!

    Honestly I was scared that this wouldn't work...but hey it would be worth the remotes right? but when i saw the main screen, what i did was scream AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH IT'S ALIVE!!!!!! and spend the rest of the day playing mario bros while having my luigi hat that my bro gave me ^^ So...
  9. Tha Real Young One

    Gaming Freelance Gaming Writers Wanted.

    Hello. I'm Kano from The Gamer Section Podcast. I plan to launch a gaming media site this year called gamersection dot com and I'm currently looking for Writers for the news section, and reviewers that would love to review games with videos or writer up an artcle. If you are interested contact...
  10. avrona

    Gaming What we Can Expect From Pokemon for Nintendo Switch

    Hey everyone, In this video, I go over some things we can expect from the mysterious Pokmeon for Switch, including release date, DLC, etc. I've been doing YouTube for over 4 years now, yet I only have 223 subscribers and 11k views, so if you like this video and my content, any further support...
  11. Tha Real Young One

    Gaming Gaming Podcast Collab

    I'm looking for people to join my gaming podcast if you interested hit me up at [email protected]
  12. Tha Real Young One

    PC or Console Gaming

    What you will think be better in 5 years PC Gaming or Console Gaming?
  13. Tha Real Young One

    Gaming NBA 2k19 WIshlist

  14. Tha Real Young One

    Gaming Gamer Section Podcast EP 78

  15. Tha Real Young One

    Gaming Playstation servers causes Fifa World Cup to come to Xbox

  16. Tha Real Young One

    Gaming Gamer Section Podcast is looking for Panel members

    This is Tha Real Young Kano. I have a podcast called "Gamer Section Podcast" where we talk about the latest news, reviews, discussions, etc. We plan on doing Gamer Section Night on Xbox, Playstation, nintendo. We are currently looking for a PC person, Nintendo person, Playstation person, & a...
  17. Tha Real Young One

    Gaming Fight Night Needs a Sequel!!!!!

    Fight Night Needs A Sequel ASAP
  18. Caretaker Gamer

    Gaming New to the Forum.. But Hello All!!

    Greetings, I'm Caretaker Gamer and I am new to the Forums here. I was mostly on but for some reason, not many people are using it anymore and would like to continue to have discussions with other Freedom creators! My channel is a gaming channel that focuses on creating positive content...
  19. Tha Real Young One

    Gaming If G4Tv was here today...

  20. Tha Real Young One

    Single Player Games or Multiplayer Games

    Do you think Single player games are dying and mulitplayer games rising or it's the other way arround?