1. Snaizen

    Torneio de Overwatch - MGN Brasil

    Olá, pessoal! Tudo bom? Está em andamento o 1º Torneio de Overwatch realizado pela MGN Brasil. Um showmatch entre os parceiros de nossa network, com nomes como Emisu, Pai Troll, além de membros já conhecidos da MGN Brasil, como Marginalx11, Skyflyer, Snaizen, Peralta e Dee Galvão! A primeira...
  2. Mark Dewis

    Gaming Merchandise

    Best place to get overwatch dva plush on cheap price except Blizzard. Please suggest
  3. K

    Overwatch: This thing looks new..

    So, the thing that is going around the internet and on reddit for a while now is this..What do you guys think about it? This looks cute and actually great fanwork I guess. Also, what would you make? Anything like this or some other crazy cool stuff? :D :D
  4. K

    Community Hi Everyone!!

    My name is KingKahn, can't give my name out, eh? I am from the land of Illinois and old enough to rule..I found freedom in my kingdom..I just want to connect with the people of my land and those living far away..my hobbies are fun and games..
  5. Peter “Skullbunny” Rogers

    PlayStation Overwatch Colab

    Hi Guys! I am looking for People to colab with on Overwatch for PS4! I am a pretty skilled player so will be looking for someone who is of the same skill level! If youre interested let me know! Because we all know Solo Comp sucks! Here is a video so you can just have a look at what my...
  6. Peter “Skullbunny” Rogers

    Gaming How to execute a Overwatch Symmetra Kill Steak

    Hey Guys So its been a good week on Overwatch for me! I have uploaded my newest Clip today! I have been playing as much characters as i can too make sure i dont get stuck in a scenario where i cant pick a character that i can win with. I have been working hard on these and i hope you guys...
  7. Peter “Skullbunny” Rogers

    Other Milestone Guardian Esports Milestone

    Hey Guys! So since i have started gaming i have come a long way! I have now become part of the Guardian ESports Team! Never in my life did i think id be good enough to take part in tournaments! Well since i have joined we have started up a overwatch PS4 section of the team and this is great...
  8. xenkailx

    Gaming SALTY MERCY HATES IDIOTS - Overwatch Gameplay | Competitive

    I decided to play only Mercy just to gain back my lost SR and I end up with a bunch of morons. As if playing Overwatch in competitive during my live streams is not salty enough.
  9. MWproductions1000

    Gaming LOW GRAVITY + LAG = LOOT BOX | Overwatch #39

    Today we experience low gravity Overwatch and lag at over 700ms!
  10. MWproductions1000

    Gaming HORIZON LUNAR COLONY | Overwatch #38

    Overwatch has released a brand new map! Today, we travel to the moon!
  11. SxcySounds

    PlayStation Overwatch Collaboration

    Besides this music channel we run a gamin channel as well where we play multiple games. We are looking for teammates the would like to be part of our overwatch streams. If you would like to join add me or reply to this post with your Youtube channel link and your Gamer Tag or just add me...
  12. Peter “Skullbunny” Rogers

    Gaming Overwatch Competetive

    Hey Guys! I am 1 level away from competitive at the moment! Come check out my journey so far and come and support! If you like what you see then let me know! Peace!!https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLR6HO4bUth7cDr7eL4E6f-g7Jyh8v9gRV
  13. SxcySounds

    PlayStation Looking for teammates on Overwatch

    Hi we are currently looking for teammates to play overwatch and climb up to masters together. We run a gaming channel as well and usually stream a lot of overwatch on YouTube. If you would like to join and be part of our streams pls let me know or add me on PS4 Katamari9. Channels we run...
  14. Flawstreak

    Gaming Hello!

    Hi, I am a new youtuber that will be uploading daily soon. I play on PC btw, do not own a console so will be unable to upload videos of console-exclusives. The content that you can be expecting consists of (Not an exhaustive list): Overwatch The Division Star Wars Battlefront 2015 Star Wars...
  15. Peter “Skullbunny” Rogers

    Gaming OverWatch Playlist!

    Hey There Guys! Im looking for poeple who enjoy Overwatch and would like to come watch me perform some awesome skills and also talk about the Game in Depth and deliver my point of view on the Gameplay and Characters! Come Check it Out! Im on PS4...
  16. Peter “Skullbunny” Rogers

    Request Gaming Channel Review

    Hey Guys! I am looking for someone to come and Review my current gaming channel Videos (Specially my latest ones done this month) I am looking for ways to improve and ways to make people happier! Honesty is key! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdSPLmnfBqXg6nWyh-qr1CA
  17. MWproductions1000

    Gaming ROADHOG'S OASIS | Overwatch #37

    When the hook doesn't work, it makes me a sad Roadhog :(
  18. Karina Nunez

    Entertainment 20 Year old girl gamer from Houston, TX

    Hey what's up you guys. My name is Karina Nunez. I started you tube about 7 months ago. I have an excessive amount of interests therefore a lot of ideas for my channel. Right now I'm uploading a lot of Vlog style videos plus cinematic edits. I've been playing xbox since MW3. I decided to be as...
  19. HealPleaseHeal

    Gaming Some Highlights From The Overwatch Stuff

    Back at it with Overwatch during their Anniversary Event. Here are some highlights from my play-through.
  20. Antonio Serrano

    Gaming New to YouTube!

    Hey guys, I'm Antonio or Forzma Gaming and I would appreciate it if you guys could take the time and check out my channel. I upload Overwatch on a competitive level. I plan on doing a bunch of live streams when I can get the chance too. But overall I'm very open to things and new ideas so this...