1. D

    PC PC Group from EU

    Hey guys I'm looking for people to play video games on PC. Requirements: Must speak English be over 15 years old have numerous games eg Minecraft Rust CSGO Friday the 13th: The Game etc. Must have a mic, funny and chill. Must have a youtube channel as well
  2. jackxist Offical

    PC Looking to start a YT Gaming Group on PC

    All ages are welcome to apply for the partnership. This group is made so that we can help each other grow, and motivate other people in the group to make a youtube video. Recommended to be an active uploader. Age: 17 Channel Main Topic: Gaming Optional Game: Sniper Ghost Warrior 2 Amount of...
  3. Ramen TimeTv

    Shadow Of War

    Any one excited for shadow Of War?
  4. Cayden Gaming

    PC PUBG | Looking for Duo or Squad

    Age: 29 Main Topic: Looking for some people that would like to play PUBG (Playerunknowns Battleground) as either in duo or squad. Main objective would be to win, also an entertaining video. On a side note, if you play CSGO I would be interested in that as well, current rank on MM is GNM and...
  5. The Atom

    Gaming Anyone want to collab?

    I am looking to grow with someone that would get my sense of humor. if you are 18+ feel free to check my channel and if you would like to collab sometime my discord is (TheAtom #3262) i have a ps4 and gaming pc so any of those would be fine for me :))
  6. ItsLatz

    PC Speed Runners [Funny Moments]

    Hi guys anyone interested in making a collab video of playing the game Speed Runners ? its a fun game to play but only with friends.. I thought maybe we could hang, chill and do fun stuff while playing the game also if you have any other game you wanna play with just drob it below maybe I have...
  7. Tacta Bros

    Gaming Looking for some people to play Garrys Mod with or any other steam game

    Hey whats up fellow gamers its Tacta Bros here and I am looking for some people to collaborate with on YouTube! Some of the games I play are Garry's Mod, Total War, Arma 3...etc. So if you are looking to play and record some games hit me up on my discord account @ Tacta Bros #5412 or add my on...
  8. Tacta Bros


    Hey guys its Tacta Bros here with a quick description of my channel and a little something about me for you new viewers and users. I am from Houston, Texas, and I am 19 years old. I found freedom by searching for YouTube forums on the internet and I joined the forums to expand my horizon and to...
  9. A

    PC colaboracion de pc canal con 40 subs o mas

    ¡¡Hola!! me llamo alejandro me gustaría hacer una colaboración con algun canal con 40 subs o mas para contactarme Aqui esta mi skype: boniale234
  10. Purpleoak

    Gaming THE WASTELAND - Fallout Shelter Quests Gameplay - A Quest Guide On Tips And Combat

    THE WASTELAND - Fallout Shelter Quests Gameplay - A Quest Guide On Tips And Combat , Welcome to a let's play of Fallout Shelter on the PC. In this episode I show you what it is like in Fallout Shelter to do the quests, tips on the combat system, a guide on how to do quests, the dwellers, and...
  11. Acefilms

    PC Making a gaming group! Apply here

    I wanna start recording with more people and hopefully that way we can have fun and grow our channels! There are already a couple in the group and I wanna expand it. Apply to the group here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSelEP_KP_b44m14siiQ3NFKCTIlQwE-nlYdsdHKDbkG1Bzayg/viewform

    Gaming Que tal!, busco colaboraciones.

    Hola que tal, soy LOGI y busco gente para hacer colaboraciones y no solamente eso sino que tambien conocernos para hacer planes. Me refiero a hacer grabaciones en vivo como Twitch o en Youtube, hacer gameplays o subir videos. Soy de Mexico, y no importa si hay colaboraciones de otros paises en...
  13. D

    Gaming !!!!INCREASE YOUR VIEWS/SUBS NOW! Click here!!!!!

    Collab with more youtubers and share subs between each other and gain more views and grow together as a community! The more collaboration, the more views come in and subs. More people in the discord collaborating to more views we'll get on our channel! Join Today! Discord https://discord.gg/T4EJcWc
  14. D

    Gaming Collab with Xbox and PC gamers!

    Hey do you wanna game with your fellow Xbox & PC gamers! Join my discord and start collaborating! Get to know new people and expand your Youtube or twitch channel exponentially! Join Today! Discord https://discord.gg/T4EJcWc
  15. killakestrelGaming

    Gaming This Gamers Way

    Hello Freedom Family, My name is killakestrel, i own and run this gamers way on YouTube. im making this post to find out what types of games people are interested in playing and watching on YouTube first let me start by saying im a PC gamer i dont play on console. that said at the moment im...
  16. JustTellMeAdrian

    Gaming Busco con quien hacer colaboraciones ( tengo 685 subs)

    Hola, mi nombre es Adrian y tengo 18 años, soy de Guatemala, El nombre de mi canal es JustTellMeAdrian y subo videos random, videos de bromas, de juegos, y muchos, muchos retos :D Busco personas que suban contenido similar a su canal para hacer colaboraciones :) Los invito a que pasen por mi...
  17. JU5TAGAM3R

    Best games of 2017

    Yo Gamerz! What is your most favourite games this year?
  18. iGoDZoFLuiGii

    PC PC Collaboration

    Hi im looking for some people to collaborate with on some PC games. I just got a gaming PC, so my library of steam games isnt great, If you are concerned about how we can communicate we can use Discord a nice app that can let use speak whether its with mic or by text, think of it as skype but...
  19. INDI vidual

    Gaming KORA THE EXPLORA | Koloro

    This game looks amazing. And yes, I fail a lot here. You know me.
  20. MDavisTV

    Gaming Looking for PS4/PC Collabs!

    I am looking for people who would like to collaborate on either PS4 or PC! I plan on getting a Gaming PC in the coming weeks to play games like CS and H1Z1 but I play Rainbows Six Siege, all call of duty's, and almost every game on PS4 so if any of you guys are interested message me on here or...