playlist for playlist

  1. LW

    YouTube Heads up! YouTube strikes for playlists on channels now!

    Hello everyone! Just to get you a quick heads-up: You might want to check your playlists for videos by OTHER CHANNELS breaking YouTube's Terms now. I know, it's crazy. YouTubers all over the platform have been reporting Strikes and Warnings for their Playlists, even their private "Watch later"...
  2. Sab4afa

    VR Grow your video's VIEWS!!

    Hey! buddy!, so you have a channel with minimum of 30 views of every vid?, and want more views?, well here is a soloution, PLAYLIST4PLAYLIST is better than Sub4Sub. ALL YOU HAVE TO DO: make a playlist with all of you videos in. Add my playlist on your homepage of channel. just ADD SECTION then...
  3. ZinQ Nasty

    Other Milestone 300k views and 8k likes Highest video

    I got feature on Gamingvid Facebook page. Which has brought me 20 plus subscribers so far meeting my 200 sub milestone and 10k views.!! I am editing the second video right now hopefully to upload today.
  4. Nuno GME

    Gaming Playlist for Playlist

    Hi All, Let me know if anybody would be interested for playlist for playlist. Thank you for any help or support.
  5. Salvatore Tarda

    VR Playlist 4 Playlist, let's HELP together, someone interested?

    Hi Guys, I'm looking for channels who want to do some playlist 4 playlist or links exchange :) Post your interest in a reply!!!
  6. LowRentHitmen

    Gaming Playlist for playlist?

    well hi, my name is Jake and my channel is called LowRentHitmen. I've always wanted to start making youtube videos but never got the courage to make my videos public! I dont know what changed but something definately did! my firest video was a small bf1 montage that hit 100 views in 24 hours! my...
  7. David Richardson

    VLOG Looking for Collaborators and Mentors

    I only have 243 subscribers and desperately want to grow. I have a lot to contribute such as Account on Flixpress which allows you to make awesome intros, Explainio Software. I am also a web developer by trade. You help be grow and increase my subs and mentor me I will help you out with what...
  8. Marchman_97

    VR Playlist for Playlist?

    Hey does anyone want to do playlist for playlist? It would be awesome because I would like to make new friends and it would help both of us :). NO! I'm not using this to benefit myself, but to be able to make new friends and maybe get a match going on PSN! Please check out my channel if your...
  9. Crazy time

    VR Platlist collaborat

    I'm looking for peoples videos to add to my Freedom family and in return I want to be added to their playlist (Must have over 75 subs and 10 videos) #Playlist4Playlist
  10. Kid3dGaming

    VR playlist 4 playlist

    I'm a fairly new channel if anyone would like to playlist 4 playlist let me know.
  11. chloepetekiller

    VR Playlist for Playlist

    Hello everybody!! This is a thread/group where we can exchange palylist for playlist!! Tell me what playlist you want shown on my channel and a Link to your channel!! I will put your playlist up on my channel if you put this one up on your channel ...
  12. sushil

    VR PlayList 4 PlayList

    Hello freedom family. Is anybody interested for playlist 4 playlist. checkout my channel i have received 315,646 views in last 3 months. so anybody interested for playlist 4 playlist please reply.. Thank You
  13. Tan Tan

    VR Anyone want to do playlist for playlist?

    Does anybody want to do playlist-4-playlist? It is basically where I ember one of your playlists onto my channel and you embed on of mine onto yours. So if anyone wants to, just let me know!
  14. Original Gamesters

    Gaming Playlist for Playlist offer/request

    Hi, we are new here and very new to YouTube. We are just starting out and would be happy to feature other new gaming channels' playlists for the same favour. Our offerings are limited now (we're easy to find) but we will continue creating more, different, and hopefully better content. Peace.
  15. Tearierboot

    Gaming Hey I'm Tearierboot

    Hi I'm Tearierboot And my channel is called TBgaming, I post up daily videos of commentary very similar to Markiplier Jacksepticeye and Pewdiepie I normally only post up Videos of me and playing with somebody else but On the rare you will see me post up a video of only me! I almost have 300 Subs...
  16. MicahFischer2

    Community Featuring Playlists on My Channel for Nothing in Return

    Hi Guys! I want to feature some people on my channel for nothing in return. You don't have to feature my playlist back or anything! My Idea: I will be setting up a channel where I will feature other YouTubers such as: gamers vloggers tech how-to tutorials music artists beauty How This Helps...
  17. S

    VR Playlist 4 Playlist

    Hi Eveyone, I have 127 sub and looking for 75+ sub p4p. Anyone there, let me know. Regards
  18. S

    VR Playlist 4 Playlist

    Hi Eveyone, I have 127 sub and looking for 75+ sub p4p. Anyone there, let me know. Regards
  19. Mr Spidy

    Gaming Playlist for Playlist (required 100 and more subs)

    Hey Freedomer , I want to do Playlist for Playlist Its a better way to earn view and making more subs So why not ??? Just do it!!! comment down to make contact with me ;):)
  20. K

    Tech Hi iam a tech youtuber and want to collab with u awesome guys!

    Hi guy's my name is "kaushal" and my channel name is "kaushdroid". i have 70 subscribers and 10000+ views or more if u are reading this in future. Guys let's collab with each other and grow together! Not "sub-4-sub" but let's do "playlist-4-playlist" and it is not a wrong thing. we are just...