1. LW

    YouTube Heads up! YouTube strikes for playlists on channels now!

    Hello everyone! Just to get you a quick heads-up: You might want to check your playlists for videos by OTHER CHANNELS breaking YouTube's Terms now. I know, it's crazy. YouTubers all over the platform have been reporting Strikes and Warnings for their Playlists, even their private "Watch later"...
  2. CVic Magpantay

    Gaming Playlist Share

    As title says, I'm sharing my playlist list here in hope that this might increase my subs even if only for a bit as I still need about 500+ to reach youtube's new requirement.
  3. PlatinumPurge

    VR 4k Watchtime - LET ME HELP!!!!

    Hello, I'm going to be making a PlayList. Ok so wow? Basically this playlist will be videos submitted by you guys! I want to help you guys reach that 4k Watch Time. A good way of doing that is by a playlist. I have a Private Virtural server which can be left on and dedicated not only to Freedom...
  4. U

    Forums Live and available to some members to test!

    Hello, all! This thread is going to be aiming to help you in learning how to use the "Media" section! Please remember that this is currently open to previous Members Of The Month's, community team members, and a few other select members who we've noticed being helpful around the forums! How...
  5. U

    Official The Media tab is finally live!

    It's here the media tabs here finally! We've been waiting for so long! But first, let me tell you all about Media.Let's dive into finding out what the "Media" tab is and what it can do to help the Freedom family grow! So in the picture below you can see it working on the Freedom/MGN forums...
  6. Danroka

    Gaming My attempt at being an Evil Sith

    Hello everyone! Danroka here, I started working on a SWTOR playthrough and decided to deviate from my norm. Whenever I play a game that has an alignment of any kind (Good / Evil), I tend to go Good, it's just how I am... but to be a little different, I decided to make a SWTOR playthrough and go...
  7. techflow360

    VR Interested in Playlist for playlist!

    If anybody is interested in doing Playlist for playlist, please let me know. That will be a huge help. Thank you. You can any of the following of mine: or...
  8. J

    VR Playlist 4 Playlist?

    If anyone wants to do a playlist 4 playlist, let me know which playlist you want to use. Mine is
  9. KuyasKorner

    Playlists vs Multiple Channels...

    I keep asking myself this question all the time and every now and then I read something that sways my decisions. Any thoughts on this topic?
  10. Tan Tan

    VR Anyone want to do playlist for playlist?

    Does anybody want to do playlist-4-playlist? It is basically where I ember one of your playlists onto my channel and you embed on of mine onto yours. So if anyone wants to, just let me know!
  11. Original Gamesters

    Gaming Playlist for Playlist offer/request

    Hi, we are new here and very new to YouTube. We are just starting out and would be happy to feature other new gaming channels' playlists for the same favour. Our offerings are limited now (we're easy to find) but we will continue creating more, different, and hopefully better content. Peace.

    VR 5 Second Intro for Playlist

    Hello, I will make a 5 second 2-D intro for your videos with your preferred text, image, and sound. I prefer to do this collab with an adult who will display a playlist of mine on their home page who: - genuinely likes my content - and will keep it there at least for the duration that the...
  13. TGPGaming

    VR Playlist for Playlist

    Hey Everyone I am searching for 3 active youtubers did would be interrested to Promote eachothers playlist on there youtube page. What This Means is i want to feature your videos on my youtube channel by adding on to an extra section into my channels homepage. Now if vieuwers visit my channel...
  14. MicahFischer2

    Community Featuring Playlists on My Channel for Nothing in Return

    Hi Guys! I want to feature some people on my channel for nothing in return. You don't have to feature my playlist back or anything! My Idea: I will be setting up a channel where I will feature other YouTubers such as: gamers vloggers tech how-to tutorials music artists beauty How This Helps...
  15. GoldenGame 16

    Gaming Playlist for Playlist ANYONE? :)(50+subs)

    write here
  16. Baetus

    Resources Copyright Free Playlist! Best Songs Out There? Click this!

    Hey guys, I thought let's give everyone a good example of songs you could use a background music or other gaming video's. You could even use it for vlogs if you want! ▶Deaf Kev - Invincible◀ ▶Tobu - Infenctious◀ ▶Spektrem - Shine◀ ▶Tobu & Itro - Sunburst◀ ▶Tobu - Hope◀ ▶Electro-Light -...
  17. Mr Spidy

    Gaming Playlist for Playlist (required 100 and more subs)

    Hey Freedomer , I want to do Playlist for Playlist Its a better way to earn view and making more subs So why not ??? Just do it!!! comment down to make contact with me ;):)
  18. HealPleaseHeal

    Gaming HPH Plays Lucius - Full Playlist

    Watch as I begin my rampage as the Devil's child throughout my huge household. Who will be next to bite the bullet, or the Devil's Child Wrath! Check it out and give me your thoughts. I would to hear what you guys think. Any criticism is welcome. This was my first real series since revamping...