Hey everyone! Please check out my video if you have time. I used to do YouTube in the past but had to stop for personal reasons, I kind of regret deleting my old account but I figured I would start fresh :)
  2. DanbroUK

    Gaming Welcome To Jurassic Park!!! The Last of Us Part 5

    Jurassic Park in the last of us get out of here watch to find out more. Enjoy guys all feedback appreciated
  3. KT Entertainer


  4. EmperorFun

    Gaming Unkempt Harold Legendary Hunting Montage! Two Double Penetrating Unkempt Harold In One Run!

    We hunt for a Double Penetrating Unkempt Harold! Enjoy all the Harolds we get until we succeed with two Double Penetrating Unkempt Harold in one run!
  5. R

    Gaming Our Jak and Daxter playthrough is almost done

    hey everyone we launched our series of Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy a while back and we have almost completed it so would mean a lot if you would check it out and tell us what you think before we start up on Jak 2: Renegade :D
  6. Won

    Gaming EMILY & THE GANG GLOWED UP! | Emily Wants to Play Too (Full Game) Part 1

    Hold onto your seats ladies and gents! Emily definitely wants to play this time! Emily & and the whole gang glowed up! AND SHE BROUGHT SOME NEW FRIENDS! The jumpscares are brutal this time, best horror game of 2017!
  7. Scalperhero

    Gaming Let's Play Overgrowth - Fight Frost The Wolf (Overgrowth Playthrough Part 3)

    Welcome to part 3 over my overgrowth playthrough I hope your all enjoying the series so far :) I have made the video shorter by trying to take out all the unneeded stopping from the video guys so I hope that hits shorter for you but at the same time I tried to make it still flow though I hope I...
  8. Scalperhero

    Gaming Let's Play Overgrowth - Dog Vs Rabbit (Overgrowth Playthrough Part 2)

    Yes, I'm still playing overgrowth, I plan to make this series a full playthrough, in part, we have to kick some dog butt with our ninja skills! I was hoping I could get some honest to god feedback good and bad on my video it would help me a lot if I could get some so that I can improve, I...
  9. CephasRed

    Gaming Things Just Got WEIRDER! | Let's Play Cuphead Playthrough (Part 7)

    As if it already wasn't weird enough...we got a shapeshifting balloon man and a rather goofy lookin' creature to fight next, as well as some coins to gather for some awesome upgrades! There's just something about this game that makes me giddy! I do even more Voice Acting in this episode for...
  10. Scalperhero

    Gaming Let's Play Cuphead Part 4 - A GIANT MOTH!!

    So i have no idea what so ever what that bouncing blue thing was and I'm not sure what that dragonfly moth type thing is at the end of that treetop level, haha but after failing so much I did manage to get to the end and beat it down :D KEEP IT SEXY EVERYONE!!!!
  11. Scalperhero

    Gaming Let's Play Cuphead - Forest Follies Part 1

    This game rocks guys I died a lot of times getting my butt kicked in the very first level of the game, haha but I made it passed in the end and then I get killed by a giant carrot!!! I mean REALLY A CARROT!!! haha this game really is great also, I would like some opinions on what you think to...
  12. SannuG

    Gaming Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor Walkthrough/Gameplay w/SannuG Part 2 "Banished From Death"

  13. DJ Dolphin

    The Escapists 2 Multiplayer funny moments

    Welcome back to The Escapists 2 everyone today we finally get out of the K.A.P.O.W camp anyway hope you all enjoy and remember everyone stay cool, stay silly, and stay AWESOME link to let's play~
  14. Gaming Community Zeeland

    Gaming About Gaming Community Zeeland!

    Gaming Community Zealand The Ultimate YouTube Gaming Channel, to be away from the daily grind of your work or school. At least 2 or 3 times a week do we upload a video for you guys. Subscribe now and follow us closely, and our loss. with great, funny, walkthrough and playthrough gameplay videos...
  15. Redd Sunn72

    Gaming I want to be an ASSASSIN | FFXV Festival

    Hey all, Its me The Red Sun... or maybe i should go by a new name.. hmmm i digress. But, i have new videos up on my walk through of the assassin festival story/quest line. It was really good, so tell me what you think below. Now, storytime, my channel are getting "okay" views, but my sub count...
  16. EmperorFun

    Gaming Let's Play Wynncraft Episode 69 "Sky Island"

    We bring the gathered lightdust to Rayshyroth(with that name he could be a legendary pokemon) who resides on the Sky Island above Mage Island. He needs some Sky Vapor to purify the light dust, so we make our way down back to Mage Island and gather it. All done and dusted we return to Kelight and...
  17. EmperorFun

    Gaming Let's Play Wynncraft Episode 68 "Found My Shoes!"

    We finish the Lost Soles quest by finding the Boot Case and bringing it to Ferndor. We make our way back to Troms where we a bit out side talk to Kelight to start the Temple of the Legends quest. Kelight first want's several things from former quest so that we can prove that we are worthy of his...
  18. EmperorFun

    Gaming Let's Play Wynncraft Episode 67 "Dude Where Are My Shoes"

    We make our way to Ferndor in Dernel Jungle. Ferndor sends us to talk to Grandon. Thru painful puzzle solving and way finding we make our way through the mansion until we have gathered everything we need to finish this quest.
  19. EmperorFun

    Gaming Blowing Up Submarines Ghost Recon Wildlands E17

    Our first mission today is to blow up one of the cartel's submarines. A lucky mortar hit on my part takes care of the submarine problem really quick. Our second mission involves destroying a submarine prototype and gather all information about the prototype. Our first try fails after we get...
  20. EmperorFun

    Gaming A Special Transport "Ghost Recon Wildlands E16"

    A Special Transport Ghost Recon Wildlands E16 We make our way to the UNIDAD base to recover the stolen medicine. A few well-placed sniper shots and a little firefight later and the truck is under our controle. We take the truck to the rebels and are now on our way to liberate a new province. We...