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  1. Eliezer


  2. Earl Allard

    Music Suave Youngin - Ridin Round (Ft. Parisi)

  3. Wespitrecords

    Community Wat is upp!

    What's up guys, my name is diron, I'm here to share with you guys who I am and what I would like to achieve by using the forums. Firstly I do alot of resident evil 7 streams on my wespitrecords YouTube channel! But my channel is more then that. It's a small channel but I'm very pleased with the...
  4. crosbymowry

    Music community websites?

    I have wondered if there was a person who could help me out with knowing if there are any music artist community websites around here? I have a youtube channel that is based around Music/ Entertainment and it would help a lot if someone knew about any communities I can talk to about this.
  5. IVonnaDie

    Music My First Song

    check out my first song its on Itunes , Amazon music , Apple music and spotify also could i have feedback on my song too thank you -
  6. D

    Música Colaboracion De Rap

    Hola Bueno Vine Ha Decir Que Quiero Hacer Una Colaboracion De Rap Rapido Bueno Les Voy Diciendo Si Quieren Hacer La Colaboracion Conmigo Aviseme Necesario -Saber Rapear -Solo Tener Un Canal No Es Nesesario Un Numero De Subs
  7. BlOoDrAgOn

    Gaming Come see my YouTube

    Come check out my YouTube channel,i have lots of good gamplays and have lots of diverse content, i usually post twice a week or 1 once a week if i'm busy, but feel free to like, comment, and subscribe if you want more vids from me, it gives me more support to make my vids. also share my content...
  8. Underground Beats

    Music Who Likes Underground Old School Beats ?

    https://www.youtube.com/c/UndergroundBeats Check out and subscribe for more !!