1. LW

    YouTube Heads up! YouTube strikes for playlists on channels now!

    Hello everyone! Just to get you a quick heads-up: You might want to check your playlists for videos by OTHER CHANNELS breaking YouTube's Terms now. I know, it's crazy. YouTubers all over the platform have been reporting Strikes and Warnings for their Playlists, even their private "Watch later"...
  2. Thelazysideoflife

    VLOG Discussing Youtube strikes

    We thought it would be a good idea to learn more about how youtube works
  3. Redd Sunn72

    Gaming New Destiny Video, rise to 401 Light!!!

    Since i haven't uploaded anything new within the last few days, i decided to drop an a Destiny video. In the video me in the fireteam was doing the dark blade strike. As you can see, we ran through him like we was his pimp haha I will end up posting the other strike, preparing myself for D2
  4. Cayden Gaming

    Gaming Looking for honest feedback: CSGO video

    These clips were taken from my live stream so the quality is a little lower than normal. What I'm looking for feedback on is the editing, audio, and music choices for this type of video. Please let me know what area or areas I need to work on are. Thank you for taking the time to review this video.
  5. Layne

    Gaming Jusic - CSGO YouTuber - Giveaways, Funtages, Skits, Life Stories!

    Hello Freedom Forums!! I'm Jusic and im Australian, I'm 18 and have a passion to entertain people and make them laugh! I joined the forums because i heard that i could find other awesome YouTubers and a great audience. I love to interact with everyone so please dont be shy :) I started YouTube...
  6. V

    Solved Copyright

    Hi. Iam with freedom for nearly 6 months. And just today unfortunately i received a copyright strike.. what happens next.. iam i in danger. Just one strike
  7. A

    Solved duvidas sobre revisão, strike, lei de justo uso e botão no painel do youtube

    tenho um canal que recebeu strike e por esse motivo foi colocado em revisão mas isso já tem muitos dias e ate hoje a revisão não foi feita gostaria de saber o motivo da demora? e se recebo pelas visualização ainda estando em revisão? este canal nunca teve o nome ou o botão da freedom no meu...
  8. ZarWay

    Entertainment Welcome to ZarWay

    Yo! what's up Freedom! partners my name is Yaman a.k.a ZarWay and today I will be introducing myself. Your name/alias: Yaman/ Channel Name: ZarWay Where are you from?: Syria, and yes I do english videos and I have a pretty descent accent in my opinion How old are you?: 14 How did you find...


    ________________________________________________________________________________________ ->GAMES Counter Strike Global Offensive Rocket League Garrys Mod WAW ________________________________________________________________________________________ ->SKYPE mks37lotuspc...
  10. R

    Strike !

    Eu tomei um strike em meu canal associado com a Freedom, mas agora ja foi retirado, e eu gostaria de ser novamente parceiro da freedom.o que devo fazer? I took a strike on my channel associated with Freedom , but now has already been removed , and I would like to be again partner freedom.o...
  11. Film Tech

    Solved Position Music never un claims copyright strikes

    Its been hours now and they still haven't removed the strike... How long is this going to take... Something needs to be done.
  12. AaronJayGaming

    Gaming CS:GO | Editing Legend | A Short Edit By Aaron

    Please give feed back on my most recent edit on CS:GO, any support and criticism is appreciated
  13. P


    This is a sick all headshot ace with pistols! I hope you enjoy! Sub if you enjoy my content!
  14. A

    Solved It took me a strike without reason, will solve this?

    It took me a strike because of an Alpha of gameplay the game Doom 4, is taking this strike ?, had no songs copyrighted, much less videos, and not piracy. They can not give me strike without reason. please try to take this strike.
  15. Battlefield Experts

    Gaming Hello Freedom! Allow me to introduce myself!

    I am from Southern California. I found freedom though a small youtuber(Valoryze) who commented on one of my videos. I joined these forums to try to grow my channel and find other great channels. I love to edit and play first person shooters. Lately I have also been enoying Super Smash Brothers...
  16. @

    Solved Freedom! Music. Will I get striked if I leave the network?

    The title says it all. If I know use Freedom! music in a monetized video, will I get striked or anything like that if I ever leave the network? And yes, I am a Freedom! Partner. -Jack.
  17. Gabriel Campigotto

    Solved False copyright - Advice

    Hello, about an hour ago a copyright strike had been issued on one of my videos. It was a friends twitch stream where he got donated £250. I have full permission to use this video as I asked him and I have evidence of this. What do I do? Do I counter notify? Is there an advisor I could speak...
  18. AaronJayGaming

    Gaming CS:GO | Mirage Only EDIT (NEW SERIES)

    I have started a new series on my channel where by I record a bunch of frags on one single map of, cs:go, and make an awesome edit of it! Please don't be afraid to go check it out and give me some feedback on the first edit! I have so many more other edits on my channel! CHANNEL...
  19. maxuranium

    Gaming Russians in CS:GO

    Just found these guys randomly, absolutely hilarious just to be part of!
  20. Kystrx

    Solved False Copyright Claims?

    I was just randomly scrolling through my videos, and I saw that one of my very first videos has a copyright claim against it. The song I used has a fair use policy, so I should be good there. The claimant was from [Merlin] CDLTD If anyone knows anything about this, could you please help? I...